Meet Our 2017 Presenters


Angie Birchfield

Angie Birchfield has worked as English to Spanish Interpreter since 1999, interpreting from Spanish to English and English to Spanish for defendants, witnesses, attorneys, victims, judges, etc. for all stages of criminal proceedings, including dependency, family and juvenile courts. She is also a Continuing Education Provider, she's given educational workshops to fellow interpreters on topics that we are faced with in court such as Expert Testimony, protocol in Dependency, Juvenile and Civil matters. She is the owner of AB Interpreting Service, an agency for clients in Civil Litigation which include depositions, court trials, medical examinations and declarations under oath. From 2016 to date Angie has been a Member of the Judicial Council Language Access Implementation Task Force and VRI Work stream Group.

Agustin De La Mora

Agustín Servín de la Mora is the President of the Florida Institute of Interpretation and Translation. He was born and raised in Mexico City, Mexico, and has been a professional interpreter for the last 22 years, both as a freelance and staff interpreter. Mr. de la Mora is a Supervisor Rater for the National Center for State Courts and has been a Lead Rater for the federal and consortium oral exams for court interpreters. He was the Lead Interpreter for the Ninth Judicial Circuit for over a decade, is a member of the Florida Court Interpreter Certification Board and a voting member of the Technical Committee of the National Consortium for Interpreter Certification. Mr. de la Mora is certified by the Administrative Office of the United States Courts as a Federally Certified Court Interpreter. He is also a Certified Court interpreter by the Florida Court Interpreter Certification Board and a Certified Medical Interpreter by the National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters. He has been a consultant for the Administrative Offices of the State Courts, conducting orientation seminars and advanced skills workshops for interpreters in many states.

Daigan Gaither

Rev. Daigan Gaither began Buddhist practice in 1995 in the Vipassana (Insight) tradition, and then began to study Zen in 2003 with Ryushin Paul Haller Roshi. He received Lay Ordination in 2006 where he was given the name Daigan or “Great Vow”, and received Priest Ordination in July 2011. Daigan speaks internationally on a variety of topics particularly around politics, gender, sexuality, social justice and their intersections with the Dharma. He also sits or has sat on a number of boards and committees that serve community needs and further social justice causes.

Daigan has a BA in Philosophy and Religion from San Francisco State University, and an MA in Buddhist Studies (with a chaplaincy certificate and a certificate in Soto Zen Buddhism) from the Graduate Theological Union and the Institute of Buddhist Studies. 


Carlos Garcia

Carlos Garcia is a certified Spanish medical interpreter formally trained as an interpreter by the Healthcare Interpreter Certificate program of City College of San Francisco and as a medical interpreting instructor by the Training of Trainers for the Healthcare Interpreting Profession program of the Middlebury Institute of International Studies.

Athena Matilsky 

Athena Matilsky has been helping students pass interpreting exams since 2014, providing online learning solutions with her company, Athena Sky Interpreting. She also collaborates with de la Mora Interpreter Training and 

Interpretrain. Ms. Matilsky has been working in the field for almost a decade, serving as staff interpreter for the Superior Court of Trenton, New Jersey from 2013-2016. She is a Federally Certified Court Interpreter and a Certified Healthcare Interpreter. She holds a BA in Spanish Interpretation/Translation from Rutgers University. She was the recent editor-in-chief of Proteus, the academic publication of the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators, and she is a contributor to their blog. She was selected to be a presenter at the 2017 NAJIT conference and the 2017 ATA conference.


Lorena Pike 

Lorena Pike is a translator and court interpreter specializing in the legal, accounting, finance, and business fields. She holds certification as court interpreter in the states of Nevada and California. Originally from Mexico City, Lorena holds a B.S. in Accounting and a Specialization in Taxation from the Escuela Bancaria y Comercial, S.C., as well as a Certificate in Translation from Universidad Iberoamericana and a Certificate in Medical Interpretation from the University of Massachusetts. She also holds a Master of Arts in Hispanic Studies from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Lorena is a regular speaker at national conferences such as NAJIT and NITA covering legal translation and terminology topics. She is the immediate past President of the Nevada Interpreters and Translators Association (NITA). Lorena is the interpreter coordinator at the Santa Barbara County Superior Court in California and an adjunct faculty member for Allan Hancock College. 

Dr. Gloria M. Rivera

Dr. Gloria M. Rivera, CMI, CHI is an English/Spanish certified medical interpreter, conference interpreter, translator, and instructor. She is a physician/surgeon who obtained her degree from Universidad San Martin de Porres (Lima, Peru). She holds a Professional Certificate of Translation and Interpretation from UCSD Extension and taught for said Professional Certificate.

Dr. Rivera is Core Faculty of the National Center for Interpretation (University of Arizona). She is also the owner of Blue Urpi, a company focused on providing medically accurate training for certified and aspiring medical interpreters. 

Dr. Izabel Souza

Izabel Souza (formerly Arocha), M.Ed., CMI-Spanish, PhD. is a cultural and linguistic expert with over 35 years of experience in the T&I field. She is a passionate global language access advocate with numerous published academic articles on interpreting. Her teaching experience spans Boston University, Cambridge College, Osaka University, in addition to other programs, such as Bridging the Gap, and Interpret2B. Dr. Souza is the Health Committee Chair of the National Language Access Coalition and the Florida Language Access Coalition Chapter. She serves the Advisory Board of Miami Dade College and on the Editorial Board of Babel, the academic journal of FIT. Dr. Souza served as president and executive director of the International Medical Interpreters Association, IMIA ( and is one of two founders of the National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters. Dr. Souza served as Secretary General for the International Federation of Translators, FIT (, the federation of over one hundred T&I associations worldwide.

She has participated in the development of several interpreting and translation standards worldwide (ASTM and ISO), and is currently the project leader for the ISO 21998 Healthcare Interpreting Standard in development. Her research involves interpreter competencies, language access systems, cultural competency/humility, and intercultural mediation in healthcare. Author of the book Intercultural Mediation in Healthcare, and is currently developing an online course on the topic, as well as writing a second book, to be published in 2018.

 Fluent in French, Portuguese, and Spanish, she obtained her Certificate in Translation in 1981 from the University of Cambridge, UK, a Bachelor in Management from Lesley University, a Masters in Education from Boston University, and a Ph.D. in Interpreting from Osaka University, Japan. She was born in Australia, and lived in Belgium, Spain, Japan, Mexico, former Yugoslavia, and Brazil, prior to the United States. She currently lives in Miami Beach, Florida and provides interpreting and consulting services at

Gayle Tang

Gayle Tang is an educator, consultant and health equity leader, working with organizations to transform care delivery, achieving the spirit and intent of the Affordable Care Act. Through effective coalition building, she has established impactful partnerships in advancing health equity and social justice for diverse populations and communities.

Her work has been pivotal to setting industry standards and influencing public policy across the nation. 

Gayle pioneers innovations in diversity management, infrastructure and systems design, culturally and linguistically competent care, and workforce development. She is the principal architect of the award-winning Health Care Interpreter Certificate Program, Qualified Bilingual Staff Model and Program, Clinician Cultural & Linguistic Assessment – a Language Concordance Initiative, and a state-of-the art customized and centralized quality translation platform. 

As a former National Executive at Kaiser Permanente, Gayle led design and execution of the organization’s firsts: National Cultural & Linguistic Appropriate Services (CLAS) Strategy; Centers of Excellence and Institute for Culturally Competent Care; health equity initiatives, such as the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex Agenda, a Latino Business Strategy, and Member Demographic Data Collection Initiative. Her leadership was instrumental in business performance enhancement and health disparities reduction. Gayle played a vital role in the development of a metrics driven National Diversity and Inclusion Agenda and led execution across the enterprise. 

Gayle served as President and member of various Boards. She currently serves on the Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum and the California Healthcare Interpreter Association Boards. She is a member of the Office of Minority Health’s National Project Advisory Committee on the National Enhanced CLAS Standards. Gayle has won numerous awards in Leadership, Diversity, and Teaching, and was named the “Women Making History” award winner by the San Francisco Commission on the Status of Women. 

Ines Swaney

Ines Swaney, CT, FCCI  has been teaching CIMCE (Court Interpreter Minimum Continuing Education) workshops, approved by the Judicial Council of California.  She has also presented her workshops to judiciary interpreters in the states of Washington, Nevada, Texas and New Mexico, as well as in Mexico City.  In addition to sharing her experiences with depositions –dating back to the mid-70s- she also developed another popular, language-neutral workshop, focusing on improvisation techniques for interpreters.  This latter workshop has been presented several years at the annual conference of the California Federation of Interpreters.

Ms. Swaney is a California Certified Court Interpreter, a Federally Certified Court Interpreter, and is also a Certified Translator (Eng>Spa and Spa>Eng) through the American Translators Association.

Daniel Tamayo

Daniel Tamayo is a Translation and Interpreting practitioner and trainer. He started interpreting insurance and med-legal matters in 1993. Since 2007, he serves as a conference interpreter, nationally and internationally, specializing in the following areas: Economic Development, Public Policy, Education, Indigenous Issues, Immigration and the Environment. He regularly interprets at UN climate summits and indigenous issues conferences. Additionally, he serves as an English<>Spanish technical translator and as a Spanish editor and proofreader. 

Mr. Tamayo completed a Master's Degree in Translation Studies from the Graduate School of Translation, Interpretation, and Language Education at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (MIIS), where he also studied Conference Interpreting and Court Interpreting. He also completed a Master's Degree in Hispanic Language and Civilization from the University of California Santa Barbara, graduate and undergraduate courses in Economics, and a Bachelor's Degree in International Management.

Currently, he is the director and chief trainer of his company, GlobalTradu Language Services. Since 2006, he teaches Translation and Interpreting at Cal State University, Fullerton. He is also a member of the Professional Development Committee of the Spanish Division of the American Translators Association (ATA) and a member of the team of trainers for the California Healthcare Interpreting Association (CHIA). Mr. Tamayo has been a regular presenter at conferences of T&I organizations and educational programs in the US and abroad.

Ms. Beverly Treumann

Ms. Beverly Treumann, CHITM, CMI, Program and Quality Assurance Director, Health Care Interpreter Network (HCIN) 

Ms. Treumann works in collaboration with language access program managers at HCIN’s many member healthcare systems across the country to set and maintain standards for sharing interpreter services over an automated video and voice call routing network. She helps set protocols for video remote interpreting in the Network and develops continuing education content for HCIN Learn at Prior to her work with HCIN, she worked ten years as a Spanish medical interpreter in both small clinics and large teaching medical centers and four years for a large public health plan teaching a 40-hour course on healthcare interpreting. She is a founding member of the California Healthcare Interpreting Association. She served as its President from 2001- 2005 and worked closely with the committee members who authored and disseminated the CHIA Standards. She served as a CHIA Board Member again from 2011 to 2016. She remains active in the CHIA Education Committee. Ms. Treumann's international experience includes having worked in Mexico and Central America.

Virginia Valencia

Virginia Valencia is a professional psychologist (2001) and a federally certified court interpreter (2008) with over 10 years’ professional experience in legal, medical, and conference interpretation.

She holds a Combined Certificate in Translation and Interpretation Studies (Hunter College, 2004) and is certified/approved by Superior Courts of NJ (2005), NY (2006), and CA (2012). 

In 2007, Virginia founded her educational company, Interpretrain (, which offers game-driven workshops and user-friendly multi-media study tools for interpreters to further improve their professional skills.

Drawing from her background in psychology, her classes and training materials offer dynamic games and drills to master consecutive interpretation, acquire new vocabulary, and learn the proper protocol to behave in court. 

She currently lives in California, where she teaches and works as an interpreter.


Alvaro Vergara-Mery, PHD

Alvaro Vergara-Mery, PHD, CMI is a Certified Medical Interpreter, licensed trainer and supervisor in the Cultural and Linguistic Services Department at University Medical Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is in charge of interpreter education and training, language proficiency, cultural competence, translation and curriculum design. He has extensive experience as a practicing medical interpreter in a Level I Trauma center that serves a large population of Spanish-speaking patients and he is nationally recognized for his advanced level workshops for medical interpreters. He is also a faculty member at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, School of Medicine, a certified and licensed trainer and a cultural and language access consultant and has received California Healthcare Interpreters Association's 2016 Trainer of the Year Award.