Let's Aim for the Stars

2016 Annual Conference

CFI’s Annual Continuing Education Conference will be held during Columbus Day Weekend at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. Get all your instructor-led credits in one weekend, and double your credit with free self-study 

October 7-9 at the Biltmore in Downtown Los Angeles    

Each year, the CFI conference offers many workshop choices, attracting top-notch presenters and court interpreters from around the country. Within walking distance of the best in LA restaurants and nightlife, the historic Biltmore Hotel offers easy access via freeway, three major airports, and metro… and it’s a short drive from Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and the beach cities. Our conference price includes breakfasts and lunches, so you can take full advantage of the weekend to network and catch up with colleagues. Why settle for less? Get your CIMCE and get inspired!

  • Download and read the full program with seminar descriptions
  • Download the schedule to print and make notes

Featured Presenters

  • Sabine Braun & Cynthia GiambrunoAVIDICUS project, from England and Spain
  • Melinda Gonzalez-Hibner, from New Mexico, on behalf of ATA
  • Holly Mikkelson, of ACEBO fame and faculty at MIIS
  • Agustín de la Mora, on behalf of de la Mora Interpreter Training based in Florida
  • Esther M. Navarro-Hall, Chair of the NAJIT Board of Directors
  • Sandro Tomasi, New York author of the Bilingual Law Dictionary
  • Sylvia Falchuk, distinguished linguist from Argentina

Conference Partners

We are very grateful to our colleagues at these institutions for supporting quality continuing education for court interpreters in California!



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Why should I go?

Your colleagues and old friends from around the region and around the state are expecting to see you there...to catch up, share stories, learn and have a good time!

"I love seeing old friends and meeting new ones from around the state." – Michele 
"Conferences are fun, they are stimulating, they make me think." – Catherine
"I enjoy the social events and the camaraderie." – Hector
"I feel part of a unique group of professionals who are making strides to make our profession known." – Doris 



  • TN Communications - portable, single and multi-channel wireless audio equipment
  • Intrans Books - Freek Lankhof is coming back from retirement with all the dictionaries you want
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