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2016 Conference > Self-Study

Members get free self-study (non-instructor-led) activities for registering at the annual conference.

To claim credit, you must do these self-study activities at home after the conference and turn in proof of completion by Memorial Day. 

Double your credit for free!

Members choose one 3-hour self-study activity for each 3 hrs of conference registration, at no additional cost.

  • Register one full day, walk away with 12 credits for price of 6
  • Attend two days, you’ll get 24 credits for the price of 12
  • Come for the full weekend and you'll cover your 30 hour requirement

Not a member? Join for only $50 (discounted from $150) during registration

Deadline is Memorial Day

You have until Memorial Day: May 29, 2017 to do the activities. 

  • Good for 2016 or 2017 compliance years: applies to the year in which you do the activity.
  • You must register for the conference as a member, and your annual membership must be current at the time you submit your activities.


Instructions and materials will be provided on a USB thumb drive that all attendees receive in their conference bag. Following the conference, you do the activities on your own and submit proof of completion to receive credit.

Note that you must be computer literate to use our self-study activities. You will have to use email, pdf and/or MS Word .doc documents, web forms and internet searches. If you have trouble with these computer skills, find a buddy and do them together!

Any questions? Lose your USB thumb drive? Email us at self-study@calinterpreters.org

Activity List

You must submit these non-instructor-led activities by Memorial Day: May 29, 2017. 



Activity Title

3972 3.0 Interpreting Forensic Criminalistics
3972a 3.0 Interpreting Gang Terminology
3972b 3.0 Child Abuse and Neglect
3972c 3.0 Drugs of Abuse
3972d 3.0 Dependency Proceedings in Spanish – DIF in Action
3972e 3.0 Interpreting Handgun Terminology
3972g  3.0 Correcting Interpretation Errors – Theory and Practice
3972h 3.0 Common English Grammar Errors
3972j  3.0 Translating Plea and Plea Bargain into Spanish


Buy additional activities

If you registered for 1 day at the conference, you get 2 activities free and may purchase a 3rd activity. Each 3-hour activity is $25 for members, $50 for non-members. These activities are available to everyone, so you can buy some even if you didn't go to the conference.

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Use the following links to download the instructions and a single zip file with all the activities. The handgun activity is our first self-study converted to a new online format.

Any questions? Email us at self-study@calinterpreters.org