Mary Lou Aranguren


I’m honored to accept the nomination to serve as CFI president. If elected, I’ll apply my two decades of experience to rebuilding a strong organization that serves interpreters’ core interests. I’ll work in good faith with the membership to improve wages and protect our jobs, first and foremost. I also understand the unique challenges we’ve faced and still face, and I’ll continue to pursue solutions.

I led the yearlong effort in Region 2 to win a contract with 21% in wage growth that includes salary steps equal to those of other employees. We achieved this historic contract by aiming high, backed up by members’ determination and confidence in what we deserve. Our prior CFI board supported this approach, and we carried it out despite the lack of any tangible support from our parent union after the temporary administrator took over. 

I also have worked in all four regions since 2004 participating in bargaining, protecting members from unfair treatment, winning back pay for members through the grievance process and getting interpreters hired by enforcing the Interpreter Act. My work as legislative director has helped protect our budget and the use of in-person interpreters.

I support the agenda our prior board initiated- strong statewide bargaining and legislative programs, advocacy for language access and against misuse of VRI, and uniting our profession. I ask for your vote as a mandate to focus on these goals and end the politics of division that have plagued us. 

We are at a critical moment, and this election is an opportunity for members to choose a united CFI.

Injustices against our prior board, and others, have interfered with our mission as a union. I’ll pursue an end to those injustices and will respect the membership’s right to determine our direction as a union. 

I’ll ask members to work toward genuine unity despite differences we may have. Our success and ability to achieve anything depends on this.

I also ask that you support a cohesive team approach, electing a board that can work together and focus on advancing your fundamental interests. I endorse Juan Ramirez for VP, Katy Van Sant for Treasurer, Delia Castro for Secretary, Laura Carranza for R1, Daniel Navarro for R2, and Chris Deruyte for R3.