Carmen Ramos


My name is Carmen Ramos and I am running for the position of Secretary of CFI Local 39000.   I have been an interpreter for 29 years: I worked for 2 years in Region 4 in Orange county; I worked for a total of 27 years in Region 2 in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties; and I am currently employed in Region 3 in San Joaquin County.  I have been a very active member of CFI since we mobilized to be employees, and I was one of the first union stewards.  When I was a steward in Region 2, I was instrumental in bringing the critical shortage of interpreters to the attention of the media and the court administrators in Santa Clara county.

The outcome of our efforts in Santa Clara resulted in the pay raise for freelance interpreters to the federal rate, a step that has since been implemented by several other counties in Region 3, my current Region.  This is not only a long overdue pay raise for the freelance interpreters, it is also an important change in status and recognition that should apply to all interpreters. 

A strong union, unencumbered by ethical issues and working with competent negotiators on our Bargaining Team will know how to use this change as leverage in all our bargaining sessions and in all our regions.  It is my belief that we can use the tools and resources our CWA/TNG international union provides to create a strong Local, a Local that stands firm in the Labor and Political arena in California; and that can bring forward the much needed change in legislation to allow us an effective and fair bargaining with the Courts.

In addition to your vote for me, I’d ask that you also cast your vote for my fellow candidates in the Moving Forward Together slate. They are: Pedro Ramirez-Navas, Daniel Kaufman, Anne McGinn,  LouLou Tovar, Maria Cruz, Marianne Franco and Tyler T. Nguyen. We are working together to usher in a new era of CFI leadership and advancement for our profession. Vote for a brighter future now! Visit: