LouLou Tovar


 My Name is Lourdes Tovar but most people know me as LouLou. I am a staff Spanish interpreter in Orange County. I have been an interpreter for 15 years. During my career as an interpreter, I have been very involved with helping our profession grow stronger and gain the recognition that we deserve.

I have been a Stewardfor a little over 10 years. I was on the Bargaining Committee, where we managed to get a raise, compensation for written translations, and were successful at stopping the courts from taking away everything they tried to take from us.
As part of the Labor Management Committee, we developed and implemented a team interpreting bench card, a guideline for judges, and as a result, we have managed to develop a consistent practice of using team interpreting in the Orange County Courts. As a Steward I continue to push for this practice to be accepted and honored by court staff and judicial officers.
Lastly, I was Treasurer and part of the CFI Board for two consecutive terms.
After much consideration, I decided to accept my nomination as CFI local 39000 Treasurer. I feel it’s time that we move forward, leave the past in the past, and learn from our past experiences. There is no such thing as failure, only lessons. It’s time that we learn from those lessons, and use them as tools to create a stronger future for our profession.
The best way to move forward is to not give up on each other. We need to stick together, to regain our strength by pushing together and creating the much needed unity…UNITY is crucial if we want to accomplish the recognition and respect that our profession deserves, including the compensation that we deserve.
To do this in these challenging times, we need the backing of a strong union at the bargaining table, and we also need a board that’s going to encourage unity, solidarity, transparency and democracy.
I ask for your vote, it’s time to move forward together. In addition, I’d ask that you also vote for my fellow candidates in the Moving Forward Together slate. They are Pedro Ramirez-Navas, Daniel Kaufman, Carmen Ramos, Tyler Nguyen, Anne McGinn and Marianne Franco. We are working together to usher in a new era of CFI leadership and advancement for our profession. Vote for a brighter future together now! Visit: www.2018movingforwardtogether.com