Daniel Kaufman

Vice President


I’m excited to announce my candidacy for the office of Vice President of our CFI Local 39000!  
These are challenging times overall for the proud international labor union movement to which we belong. Winning fair wages, benefits and dignified working conditions has never been an easy endeavor. And yet, even today there are many opportunities for growth and advancement for those of us who seek and fight for them in unity.
The fact that Los Angeles Times workers recently voted overwhelmingly to unionize under our parent union CWA/TNG is a thrilling development. It's always inspiring when people stand up together and do the hard work required to demand the respect and compensation they deserve. No so many years ago, we were in their shoes. We’ve come a long way since then, and much remains to be done.
As a member of the current Region 1 bargaining committee, I've been inspired by the participation and engagement by many of our members. I've been privileged to get to know so many of our colleagues, to hear their hopes and aspirations, and to learn from their critiques and ideas for change for the better. I believe that a good leader is first and foremost a good listener.
The one message I’ve heard time and again from our colleagues is that they’re hungry for new leadership in our Local. I hear you! I’m with you! We’re all eager to leave the past where it belongs and to move forward together. With your support, I can help lead this new era for our union and our profession.  
We need a new kind of leadership that’s rooted in our common goals and which recognizes where our greatest strength lies: with you, our members. Transparency, responsiveness and democratic processes must be the order of the day. We must also move beyond the parochial view that we’re all alone. We belong to a 700,000+ member strong international union in CWA/TNG – a tremendous asset whose strength we’ve hardly begun to leverage.
In addition to your vote for me, please also cast your vote for my fellow candidates on the Moving Forward Together slate. They are Pedro Ramirez-Navas, LouLou Tovar, Carmen Ramos, Tyler Nguyen, Anne McGinn and Marianne Franco. We're working together to usher in a new era of CFI leadership and advancement for our profession. Vote for a brighter future together now!
Visit: www.2018movingforwardtogether.com