Dear Colleagues,
I am honored to have been nominated to run for CFI’s Executive Board, Freelance Unit Chair.
I am originally from Ventura County and began my career as a Spanish Interpreter almost 30 years ago. I first obtained my State Medical Certification and soon after the Administrative Hearing Certification. I then relocated to Bakersfield in Kern County and worked in many different state agencies and also in the private sector. I finally decided to obtain my Court Certification in 2014.
I currently work in the private sector and as an independent freelancer with the courts in Kern, San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties.
I am truly vested in my profession and want only the best for all my colleagues in each field of interpreting. I am a true believer that together we can accomplish more for our profession than divided.
I would be honored to represent the freelance members of CFI. I appreciate the support of my colleagues and hope to be an asset to the Executive Board of CFI.
T. Donette Lancaster