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VP Janet Hudec and Secretary-Treasurer Carmen Ramos were invited and are in attendance at the swearing in ceremony for our new Chief Justice, the Hon. Patricia Guerrero.


LASC reaches a new low: Alyiah Hadt blames CFI for not providing VRI rooms in LASC

Dear members,

Interpreter Unit Manager,  Alyiah Hadt, reached a new low today: at a level 2 Grievance meeting regarding auditory damage to 3 of our members because of the way remote interpretation has been used (and abused) in LASC; Ms. Hadt had the nerve to say that VRI rooms were available, but were not made available to employees because the Union would file complaints with PERB. 

As you all know, complaints have been filed in the past regarding this manager. HR did nothing. 

We, as a Union, deserve to be treated with respect and honesty. CFI has requested VRI rooms from the onset of remote proceeding's implementation, and during bargaining. 

Your Union says: enough! we need to send a clear message to administration that this manager is bringing Language Access to a screeching halt in LASC, and terrorizing our members; as well as causing damage to them because of her non existent managing skills. 

Your Region 1 Delegate will be reaching out to you shortly. Stayed tuned.

In Unity,

Carmen Ramos
Secretary-Treasurer, CFI Local 39000
R1 Chair



Link to the support letter from Janice Hahn, Board of Supervisors County of Los Angeles

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