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Monica Almada 

My name is Monica Almada and I am a CFI steward. I noticed our situation at work has incrementally (and rapidly) worsened in the last few years. Different groups were suffering different abuses by administrators, supervisors, dispatchers, etc. - myself included. 

Region 1 is in desperate need of attention.  I want to be the person to step up amid the low morale, to remind everyone that just as we manifest our own reality, we create our union every day with our words, choices, and actions. This means that we CAN create a strong group of colleagues, united by our common goals: to establish a new era of equality, a new era where we are treated as Professionals, and where our voices are heard!

Being a floater for many years (currently an A status floater) gave me the opportunity to see the different realities and cultures within our community of interpreters in different courthouses. I would always ask questions and listen to my colleagues express how they feel about their work environment, the union, their supervisors, etc. A common denominator: the feeling of having no voice, no representation, no defense against the abuses. I, myself, was frustrated to the point I gave up all hope; but since July of last year, we were finally allowed to have our own Board! The amount of work (incidents) that has been piling up in those years became enormous. I understood the union needed immediate help, and despite having a very busy personal life, I became a steward. 

I quickly identified the areas in which I could be of great help; one of them being communication! It is where it all starts. I believe with a fluid regular communication between all our colleagues and the union, we will be able to rapidly identify problems, determine the necessary course of action, and most importantly, be there for each other. Communication is not just talk. It is also about understanding; and with understanding comes healing.

I am willing and eager to work with you in solidarity, to protect and defend our rights against those with negative agendas, and to build a loving and effective work environment. 

It is just a matter of making a key decision: To make this happen together! Are you in?


Victoria Rea

My name is Victoria Rea, and I am very excited and grateful to receive this nomination for the position of Region 1 Representative of Local 39000.I have been a court interpreter for 15 years, and I have seen firsthand the positive impact the Union has had on our hardworking group of court interpreters. As a steward representative, colleague, and co-worker, I have fought to achieve what we are all striving for: work stability and security, fair and good wages, equality in the workplace, and benefits, which truly impact all of us as employees of the court. Especially during these unprecedented and unpredictable times, I continue to dedicate time and efforts to furthering the goals of the Union. My efforts as a steward have been instrumental in ensuring our interests and rights are protected. As a steward, I have fought against the elimination of interpreter positions, have worked to ensure that interpreters have proper equipment to carry out our work, and ensure that my colleagues have the information they need to thrive in the workplace. Having observed several meetings and negotiations with the administration and bargaining teams, I have seen firsthand the dedication and hard work it takes to ensure our rights and interests as interpreters are protected. I have also gained the trust of my colleagues as a steward, and I am consistently available to my colleagues in providing support and information when they reach out. I am ready and eager to take on the role of Representative and to continue fighting to promote better working conditions and improve the quality of our workplace environment. Having observed many experienced court interpreters involved in the union, I know the time and tireless efforts it takes to work towards better benefits, increased wages, and a better working environment for court interpreters, and I am ready to contribute to the cause as a Region 1 representative.  



CFI Local 39000 Interim Elections for Vacant Executive Board  

July 15, 2020

Elected by Acclamation (unopposed):

Freelance                                            Johanna Valle

Nominations for Region 1 Representative

Monica Almada 

Victoria Rea


Nomination Extension for Vacant Executive Board Positions

Dear Members:

As there was a holiday during the nominations period, as well as the general difficulties encountered in the COVID crisis, the Local has received numerous requests to extend the nominations period for the Interim Board Elections to fill vacant positions. The vacant positions are Freelance Unit Chair, Region 1 Representative and Region 2 Representative.
In the spirit of fairness, and at the request of the members, the nominations period will be extended until July 14th, 2020. This has been cleared with the Elections Committee and would not interfere with the rest of the timeline for the voting to take place.
To nominate and to run for office one must be a member in good standing with the Local. It’s always a good idea to speak with the person one wishes to nominate before actually sending their name in for consideration. It is also suggested that anyone accepting a nomination for office begin preparing any statement they wish published in support of their candidacy. 
In solidarity,

Michael Ferreira

State & Local Face Mask Requirements for Public Places

Regulations on wearing face coverings during the COVID-19 pandemic. All states are listed; we suggest finding California for a statewide recap, and a county-by-county listing of the rules and regulations concerning face coverings.


Nominations Open Tomorrow for Vacant Executive Board Positions

Region 1 Board Representative, Region 2 Board Representative, Freelance Chair

The CFI Local 39000 Bylaws are clear that any position that becomes vacant must be filled if there are more than six months left in the term. The present Board’s term expires in December of 2021; therefore it is incumbent upon the Local to run Nominations and Elections to fill the positions. (Bylaws Article 8, Section 5)

The date set for officially receiving nominations will be July 1, 2020; officially closing by 5:00 pm on July 7, 2020. 

Please send nominations by email to [email protected]; in the subject line be sure to write “Nomination – Interim Elections.” 

Usually for the Executive Board elections members are allowed up to four nominations: the three officers – President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer – and the regional board representative for your region. Members of our Freelance/IGA unit only nominate the Freelance Chair. As the only open positions are regional board representatives and the Freelance Chair, there will be a limit of one nomination per member.
The terms of office will begin upon election and completion of officer training and run through December 31, 2021.
Candidates must be members in good standing, accept the nomination in writing, and agree to participate in training.  
In the event of a contested race for the open regional board representative positions, a secret ballot election will be conducted. Should there be a need for secret ballot, the date for ballot returns would be July 30, 2020 and the count would take place on August 1, 2020 at the Local under the direction of the Local’s Election Committee.

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