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Trial Verdict

July 24, 2017

This morning we received the decision from the national Trial Panel.  The 3 members: Trial Panel Chair: Secretary Treasurer of Local 1101 Kevin Condy, and members President of Local 3406 Judy Bruno and President of Local 4310 Diane Bailey found the charged parties guilty of all charges.

The full document has been posted on the Members Only area of the Memberclicks website.  Click here to log on: Member Only - Verdict

Ariel Torrone, Lucy Flores, Jeff Wilson, Naoyuki Ikeuchi, Naomi Adelson, Sharmen Gragirena, Luis Aroz, and Joe Rupert are expelled from membership and are fined for all unauthorized expenditures.


Carrie Biggs-Adams

Temporary Administrator


Trial Update

July 18, 2017 

The trial in the internal charges concluded this evening.  The Trial Panel reconvened at 5pm, they waited fifteen minutes for representatives of the charged parties to appear.  When they did not, the trial began at 5:18pm.
Prosecutor Susie McAlister wrapped up with a couple of additional questions, the Trial Panel had questions about some of the 29 exhibits that had been entered in the record on the first day.   She then presented her closing argument.
The Trial Panel has five days to issue their ruling.  When the ruling is received it will be placed on the members only section of the website. 


Carrie Biggs-Adams
Temporary Administrator

Trial Update 

July 17, 2017

The trial in the internal charges against the former officers of the Local convened tonight at the CWA District 9 offices in Santa Fe Springs.  The case was scheduled to be from 5pm to 10pm.  And is calendared to continue each night until concluded.   The start of the trial was delayed until 5:30pm to accommodate late arrivals. The charged parties did not attend or present a defense. 
The parties were offered the opportunity to participate by video conference if they opted not to attend the trial in person.  One of the two charging parties did participate via "zoom" and was able to listen to the proceedings and to watch the testimony from Northern California. 

The charged parties decided not to participate and did not come to present their case or cross examine witnesses.  The one charged individual who had been afforded the opportunity to participate via zoom did not avail themself of the online system.  The Trial Body was insistent that any remote participant be on a video connection so that they knew that a phone connection was not being shared with non-members of the union.

The Prosecution rested their case in chief this evening at approximately 9:20pm.  Their closing argument is scheduled for 5pm on Tuesday evening. 

Members of the Local in Good Standing are entitled to attend the hearing in person, but the Trial Body decided not to offer watch only video access to the trial.  

The Trial Body will deliberate after the conclusion of the trial and will issue their report shortly thereafter.   That report will be posted on the members only section of the website. 


Carrie Biggs-Adams

Temporary Administrator


Local 39000 Update

July 10, 2017

CWA Convention Delegate
Ballots were counted last week in the election for TNG Conference and CWA Convention in August in Pittsburgh, PA.   Juan Ramirez was elected delegate and Daniel Kaufman was elected the alternate.  While the Local would have been entitled to up to 3 delegates to the CWA Convention and up to 6 delegates to the TNG Conference, we decided to only send one representative. 
This is an economic decision, as we pay off the back per capita obligation and outstanding legal bills.  The Local is obligated to pay the travel expenses of the trip to Pittsburgh, along with the wages for the delegate.  We are working hard to getting on a solid financial standing, but with three regions in bargaining, those expenses are a top priority in representing the members in wages, hours, and working conditions.
Our per capita payment plan was approved late last week.  As of this morning our delegate, and alternate who would attend in the event that Mr. Ramirez is unable to attend, are registered for the Conference and Convention.     
Bargaining Update Region 1
The Region 1 Bargaining Committee has completed their drafting work and their proposals have been submitted to TNG Contracts Committed for approval.  This is required by the TNG Constitution to be done at least 21 days before bargaining begins.  The first day of bargaining in Region 1 is scheduled for July 31st.
Internal Charges Trial
The trial in the case of the charges filed against the former officers of the Local is scheduled to begin on Monday, July 17 at 5pm in the CWA District 9 offices in Santa Fe Springs.  The case will be presented by prosecutor Suzie McAlister from Denver, the Trial Body are three officers of the national Trial Panel from around the country.  The case is scheduled to take place from 5pm to 10pm on successive evenings, all members in good standing of the Local are invited to attend. They expect the case to conclude in a couple of days.
Future of Local 39000 Meeting
On Saturday July 15, we will hold a meeting from 10am – 4pm at the Santa Fe Springs District 9 office.  As we move past the problems that led to the Temporary Administration, I hope that members who are interested in helping form the new Local structures will come together.  Discussion will include the structures in which we exist (Federal and State Laws; Constitutions and Bylaws of the national bodies and the Local) and how we fit in the CWA, TNG, and Local 39000.
Resources available from TNG (Legal Services), and the CWA (Strategic Industry Fund grants and others) programs. The CWA Legislative Political program, and resources that can support our lobbying will be explained as well.
Then we can discuss the policies and committees that the Local will need going forward. And Training offered by CWA District 9, as well as training for stewards in the CWA systems.
Lunch will be provided, as will be materials – so please RSVP by July 12 so that we can have enough of each.  RSVP to: [email protected]
Carrie Biggs-Adams
Temporary Administrator



Delegate Election Results 2017

The ballots have been counted in the election for one delegate to represent Local 39000 at the TNG Sector Conference and CWA Convention.

Physical Ballots Issued:   6   

Physical Ballots Returned:   1

Ballots for Daniel Kaufman:  1

Ballots for Juan Ramirez:  0


Electronic Ballots Issued:  709

Invalid email addresses rejected: 23

Electronic Ballots Received:  165

Electronic Ballots for Daniel Kaufman:   79

Electronic Ballots for Juan Ramirez:  86

Total Votes for Daniel Kaufman:  80

Total Votes for Juan Ramirez:  86

Juan Ramirez is declared elected Delegate to the TNG Conference and CWA Convention representing Local 39000 for 2017.  Daniel Kaufman will serve as the Alternate in the event that Mr. Ramirez is unable to serve. 


Carrie Biggs-Adams
Temporary Administrator
Local 39000

Note: Turnout was 23% of all ballots issued. 
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