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R1 Bargaining Committee Update

 June 26, 2017 

Your Region 1 Bargaining Committee attended a full-day caucus meeting on Friday, June 23 to work on contract proposals with attorney Christine Alvisurez's participation. Using your bargaining survey results, we outlined proposal topics, focusing on issues that members expressed as most pressing.

We discussed some of the exciting community-building efforts already underway (read report below). We also identified the need for volunteer leaders to aid with a Watch and Support Committee to take time off to attendupcoming bargaining sessions.

We received some beautiful knitted bow tie lapel pins made by some of our colleagues. Production and distribution of the bow ties is being coordinated through the CFI Region 1: Bargaining & Beyond Facebook group.

In the coming weeks, community-building efforts will continue. Remember to wear RED every Thursday, wear bow tie lapel pins every day, and get united to support your bargaining committee! 

Report from Community-Building Lunch: Thursday, June 22

The first Bargaining Update and Community Building Lunch at Grand Park in DTLA
was a great success, with close to forty interpreters from CCH, CJC, Metro, East LA and beyond in attendance, many decked out in “Thursday RED”.

The union provided lunch, and Daniel Kaufman, R1 Bargaining Team member spoke, touching on both the larger context of our bargaining and the specifics of the Bargaining Team’s preparations for the upcoming negotiations. He talked about the bargaining team members and spokesperson, the projected timeline and the importance of any member who had not yet done so, completing the survey to help the bargaining team have an accurate picture of which issues are of most importance to the membership.

He also emphasized the importance of member participation throughout the bargaining process, affirming that in addition to the bargaining team’s work, our success at the table is directly related to the level of involvement and support of the membership at large. A lively Q&A followed in which members expressed both hopes and concerns, and discussed some of the ways of getting involved and spreading the word.
One of the ways the team is asking members to show support is to wear RED every Thursday, and wear a red bow-tie pin* every day, as a show of support for our bargaining team and to let others know we are in contract negotiations.
*The Red Bow-Tie Pin project is the brainchild of the CCH knitters and crocheters, who have been busily needle-working away during lunchtimes and at home to create bright red bow-tie lapel pins to distribute to colleagues throughout the Region. All those inclined to hooks and needles are invited to join in - see CFI Region 1: Bargaining & Beyond Facebook page for simple instructions on both how to make and how to request bow-tie pins.
Don’t just rely on the grapevine for information: if you want to be in the loop, get up to the minute updates, hear it from the horse’s mouth - visit the CFI Region 1: Bargaining & Beyond Facebook page. Stay connected: together we are strong.
And stay tuned for the next Bargaining Update and Community Building Lunch, coming soon to a courthouse near you!

In Unity,

Your Region 1 Bargaining Team
Daniel Kaufman, Doris Vickk, Michael Ferreira, Pedro Ramirez, Robert Guerrerro
Spokeperson Christine Alvisurez, Esq., Kathleen Sinclair, Alternate





June 23, 2017

Internal Charges – Trial Scheduled
In April, internal union charges were filed against the former officers of the Local (President, VP, Treasurer and Executive Board Members) by two members of the Local.  The investigation was assigned to a CWA Staff Representative from Denver (Susie McAllister).  She submitted her report to the CWA President Chris Shelton and it has been accepted.  It has now been released for members to read and you can find it in the Members Only section of the Memberclicks website.
The trial body hearing the case is 3 members of the national trial panel, who have been appointed to hear the case: Kevin Condy, President, Local 1101, Chair; Judy Bruno, President, Local 3406; and Diane Bailey, President, Local 4310.  Ms. McAllister will prosecute the case – presenting the evidence that she found in her investigation.  The trial will take place at the CWA District 9 offices in Santa Fe Springs on Monday July 17, Tuesday July 18, and Wednesday July 19th.  The hearing is open to all members in good standing and will take place from 5pm to 10pm each night (note the case may conclude in less than the allotted 3 nights).   The trial body’s ruling will be released to the members after it is submitted to the CWA Executive Board.
Election for Delegate to the CWA Convention and TNG Conference
As you know we are conducting an election for one delegate to represent the Local at the CWA Convention this year in Pittsburgh, the TNG Conference will take place in the days ahead of the Convention.   We have two candidates, and the runner-up will be the alternate in the event of the inability to serve. 
We are using Ballotbin to conduct the election – and the email sent to all members in good standing came from that company.  If you have not seen your email (it went out a week ago) with your link to vote, please contact Monse [email protected] so that we can help you look in your spam filter or see if we need to use another email address for you.
Ballots must be submitted by July 4th and will be counted on the morning of July 5th.  For those who need a physical ballot, the deadline will July 3rd in the office so that we can count them all on the morning of July 5th
The Convention is the highest decision-making body in CWA and can overrule the CWA Executive Board/President.  Our parent union is very proud of their democratic roots, and hold their conventions every 2 years.  Please cast your ballot for delegate.
Conference Planning – Save the Date
Eva Vargas from our Oakland office is planning the conference – to be held on October 6-9 at the Oakland Airport Hilton.  She is lining up speakers and reaching out to presenters who people have heard before or recommended.  If you have a suggestion please email her, so that we can have a great line up of speakers and be responsive to your continuing education needs.  You can reach Eva at [email protected]
Registration will be opening soon, we will be holding registration prices to those from 2014.
In Solidarity,
Carrie Biggs-Adams
Temporary Administrator







CWA Temporary Administration Report Released Update

June 13, 2017

Dear Members,

The report on the Temporary Administration has now been released.  You will find it posted under the members only section.

Reminder: Those interested in being delegates to the TNG Sector Conference and the CWA Convention should email their interest in the next day or two - as nominating petitions and candidates statements are due by Friday June 16th. 

Finally, members in Region 1 should be filling out their bargaining and interpreter surveys.  The Region 1 Bargaining Committee is collecting information, and preparing to draft proposals, and they will appreciate your input. 

Carrie Biggs-Adams
Temporary Administrator

Local 39000 Update

June 9th, 2017

Bargaining Region 1
Bargaining Regions 2
Bargaining Region 3
Decision Due Temporary Administration
Decision Internal Charges
Annual CFI Conference
CWA Convention & TNG Sector Conference Delegate Election

Bargaining Region 1

The Bargaining Committee for Region 1 met this week for the first time at the CWA District 9 office in Santa Fe Springs.  They have prepared a timeline for bargaining, sent out (today) their surveys, and met with attorney Christine Alvisurez to set calendar and plan how to draft proposals.
Members of Region 1 please participate in the surveys that you received by separate email.
Bargaining Region 2

Informational meetings are being held on Saturday June 10th in Oakland and San Mateo to discuss the last best and final offer made by Region 2.  A poll on members’ reactions to the offer will be conducted at the meetings. 
Bargaining Region 3

The parties have agreed to go to state mediation on this contract.
Decision Due Temporary Administration

We have been advised that the decision of the Hearing Officer (CWA VP Brenda Roberts) has been submitted to the CWA President and Executive Board.  As soon as the former officers have received their copy of the decision, it will be posted on the Local’s website and be released to the membership.  I expect that to happen within a few days.

Decision - Internal Charges

The CWA Staff member who was investigating the charges filed against the former officers has submitted her report to the CWA President.  The charges were found to have merit and the CWA Executive Board has accepted the report and appointed a National Trial Panel Court.  The 3 members of the national trial panel are:
Kevin Condy, President, Local 1101, Chair; 
Judy Bruno, President, Local 3406; and
Diane Bailey, President, Local 4310.
The trial will be held at CWA District 9 Office in Santa Fe Springs, they are currently looking at dates in mid-late July with plans to hold the hearing in the evenings so that members can observe, if they so desire.

Annual CFI Conference 

Please send ideas for presenters, or subjects that you would like for CIMCE Credit at the annual conference. Volunteers who want to work on planning the conference are also being requested.  Send your emails to Eva Vargas, [email protected]

CWA Convention & TNG Sector Conference Delegate Election
Nominations are open for one more week for members in good-standing who are interested in running for the one delegate to represent the Local at the TNG Sector Conference and then the CWA Convention.  If you are interested please email your name to [email protected] no later than Wednesday June 15, since you will need to get your petition filled out and returned by Friday June 17th.  The election for delegate will be run via electronic voting, for all members in good-standing in the Local.
In Solidarity,
Carrie Biggs-Adams
Temporary Administrator




June 2, 2017

CWA Convention Delegate
We have submitted a request for a payment plan to CWA, that we expect to have approved.  With that plan, the Local will be entitled to a delegate to the CWA Convention (August 7th and 8th) and the TNG Conference (August 4th and 5th) in Pittsburgh, PA. 
Nominations will open today, and close two weeks from today for members in good standing who are interested in running to represent the Local.  The runner-up will be named the Alternate and only go to the meetings if something happens to prevent the Delegate from serving. If you are interested in running, please notify me at: [email protected] and we will send you the nominating petition to get filled out and submit.
We have received permission to run the balloting electronically for this race (to save on postage and other expenses) and to save time as we must have our delegates named by early July.
Annual Conference – Speakers and Assistance Sought
As previously announced, we have confirmed with the Hilton Oakland Airport that the annual conference will be held October 6-9.  The deposit of $14,666 was paid last week, and now it is on to the planning.  Eva Vargas is working on speakers and presenters.  So, if you heard someone speak previously and thought they were wonderful, please let her know their name and contact information (if you have it).  If you would like to volunteer to work on the committee that is planning the event, please contact Eva as well.  [email protected]
Books are Closed on 2016
Today we received the complied financial statement from the bookkeeping company and the information was sent off immediately to the CPA who is preparing our audited financial reports and the forms that come from that.  We hope that will be finished in a couple of weeks now that the current information is in hand.  When we have a certified audit back from the CPA it will be posted on the website.
Region 1 Bargaining Committee
Our Region 1 Bargaining Committee will meet this coming Wednesday for the first time with Christine Alvisurez.  They will start building the mobilization structure, and drafting contract proposals.  Once they have met and coordinated their personal schedules they will set bargaining dates with the Courts. Their bargaining survey should be sent out shortly.
We continue making progress and getting the Local’s back per capita payments caught up, today we paid January 2017.  Our payment plan is that we will pay the next month of per caps every 4 weeks.  This is the best we can do inside the cash flow of the Local and continuing to pay our regular obligations and expenses.
Carrie Biggs-Adams
Temporary Administrator
[email protected]

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