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August 29, 2017

Region 1 Bargaining Update
Region 1 met with the Bargaining team today at the Airport Courthouse.
In addition to the Bargaining Committee and Region 1 attendees we were pleased to have several  employees present during the AM and PM sessions:  Karine Levy (A), Marina Feiguin (F), Claudia Pettit (F), Silvia Barden (F), and Roxana Lopez (F).  We continue to invite Members to these sessions so that they can see firsthand what is happening and to show their support!
We reached a Tentative Agreement on Article 8, Section 1 relating to Discipline and Discharge stating that the Union has the right to respond on behalf of a member.  Additionally, if an employee chooses to not be represented by the Union, the decision shall not set precedent on future disciplinary matters for other Union members.
At the next session the parties will sign Tentative Agreements on Articles 4 and 25 - basically cleaning up language.
We submitted two proposals relating to binding arbitration - we currently do not enjoy this. Region 1 rejected both of these.  When pushed as to why they rejected this they said that other units in LA don't have it and that they make decisions for a living.  When pushed, they said that no judge has been involved in accepting or rejecting an advisory opinion nor have they rejected any advisory opinion by an arbitrator.  The CFI contracts in other regions include this right.
A proposal was submitted  for a Mixteco Pilot Interpreter program asking  Santa Barbara to participate in a joint proposal to the Judicial Council allowing for Mixteco language employee reimbursements.  Region 1 says that they will not be able to accept this proposal given statutory requirements.  We presented this as an access to language issue to address a gap in delivery of language services to a community where there is great need. They do not believe that the Judicial Council will pay for expenses for non Registered/Certified interpreters as employees.
Our counsel put in a demand for an Interest Arbitrator which allows an arbitrator to determine our access rights for new employee orientations.  We further agreed that we would delay the arbitration to allow the parties to resolve the issue at the table. 
In response to our requests for information, we have received several documents relating to seniority for all 3 counties, information on interpreter waiting areas, assignment rotations for the last several years, and mentor volunteer lists.  The Bargaining team will review and analyze the data in order to respond to Region 1 proposals and be prepared for the next set of proposals on their part which we anticipate will relate to staffing, positions, and assignments.
The next Bargaining session is confirmed for September 25th at the Airport Courthouse (2nd Floor Meeting Room).  Please be sure to fill out your RTOs requesting this day off.  
Region 2 Contract Vote
Members in Region 2 are voting this week on a Last Best and Final Offer.  The ballots will be tabulated on Thursday evening 8/31/17.  Results will be released shortly thereafter.  Meanwhile the Local is in the process of affiliating to Labor Councils around the Region 2 area and seeking Strike Sanction in the event of a labor dispute.  The San Francisco Labor Council has granted sanction.
Labor Day Rally – Oakland
The San Francisco and Alameda County Labor Councils are holding a Labor Day of Action:
8:30am: Gather at 14th/Jackson St. Oakland 
9:00am: Fight for $15 Workers Demand a Union
11:00am: Together we Rise Rally at Frank Ogawa/Oscar Grant Plaza 
TOGETHER WE RISE! Labor Unions are under attack! Together our unions and communities must aim to strengthen the Labor Movement and continue our commitment to supporting all workers! Strong unions give us power to raise wages, hold the powerful accountable, and boost the standard of living for all Americans.
Music, food and drinks will be provided! Families and children welcome!! 
If you are in the Bay Area – come on out and show your Solidarity!
Registration is OPEN for the Annual Conference
Please Register for the Annual Conference – this year in Oakland at the Oakland Airport Hilton.  The weekend of October 6-8.  You can register by clicking here:  CFI Conference
Carrie Biggs-Adams
Temporary Administrator

Update on Region 1 Bargaining Session

August 23, 2017, Airport Courthouse

Your Region 1 Bargaining Committee met with Management from Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Courts and reached Tentative Agreements on two proposed minor corrections to Articles 25 and 4.  We’re on our way! 

We received substantive proposals from the Region on several articles including, Seniority, Employee Benefits, Employment Status, Grievance Procedure, and Leaves of Absence.  Several requests for information (RFIs) were made on our part to further understand the proposals and to more effectively respond to them. 

In addition to the Bargaining Committee Members and attorneys, we had an observer present. Thank you Claudia Pettit (F Status) for your participation and support!

We encourage and invite all of our colleagues (A, C, F, and OTS) to participate in future sessions.  Our next session will take place at the Airport Courthouse on Tuesday, August 29th.

Your CFI bargaining team,

Doris Vick
Pedro Ramirez
Daniel Kaufman
Roberto Guerrero
Michael Ferreira
Kathleen Sinclair Alternate
Caren Senser from the law firm of Weinberg, Roger & Rosenfeld.


Local 39000 Update

August 21, 2017

Annual Conference
Please continue to sign-up to attend the Annual Conference – the link is here: CFI Conference 2017

Request for Strike Authorization
Staff Representatives Mary Lou Aranguan and Anabelle Garay have asked that the Local seek Strike Authorization for both Regions 2 and 3.  Our paperwork is wending its way to TNG and then to CWA President Chris Shelton.
Stand with your Region 1 Bargaining Committee:
Our unity is our strength. By presenting a united front before the administration, we show our power and resolve. If you're concerned about the current state of our profession, and you want to see advances that are long-overdue: WE NEED YOU! F-status, OTS, A-floaters, everyone! Yes, that means you.

It was great to see several of our colleagues present in solidarity at our first bargaining session. We're looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible at future sessions, the locations of which we'll pass along as soon as they're confirmed by administration.

The following dates have been confirmed for bargaining at the LAX Airport courthouse:

• 8/23: Wednesday | 10:00am | 2nd floor conference room, next to Sheriff's Dept offices

• 8/29: Tuesday | 10:00am | 2nd floor conference room, next to Sheriff's Dept offices

Even if you suspect your RTOs might be rejected, please submit them! It'll send a strong message if large numbers of our ranks are requesting these days off in advance to support our Bargaining Committee.

If you have any questions, and to confirm your participation, please contact Diana Pasillas at:
[email protected]

We’ll see you at the negotiating table! :)  Submitted by Daniel Kaufman for the R1 Bargaining Committee.
Please save the date(s):
Southern California September 23rd & October 21st (added date)
Northern California September 30th

Carrie Biggs-Adams
Temporary Administrator


Updated Update– August 15

CWA Convention Report:

After our weekly Update had gone to be processed for distribution on Monday, we got Delegate Juan Ramirez’ report. You can read his impressions of the gatherings, and hear how he stepped up to interpret for the delegates from UPAGRA in Puerto Rico – when interpretation was not scheduled.

It is now posted on the website at these links:

Delegate’s Report 

Resolution on Certified Interpreters

Appeal Recommendation

CWA Convention Photo 1

CWA Convention Photo 2

CWA STRONG Training:

With the passage of new legislation in California (it was attached to the State Budget), all public sector unions are entitled to have a representative present at new employee orientation.  Combined with CWA Strong (which has one aspect focusing on getting non-members to join the union) it is a great time to have a training and plan how we are going to do the work.

All stewards must attend one of these sessions.  All members who are interested in participating – helping build up membership and stronger bargaining by building better communication among members of the bargaining unit – are very much welcome to join us.

SAVE The Dates: 

Saturday September 23rd  - Southern California – District 9 10 am – 4pm (lunch included)
12215 N. Telegraph Road Suite 210 Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

Saturday September 30th – Northern California – 10a – 4pm Location to be Announced


Carrie Biggs-Adams
Temporary Administrator

Local 39000 Update

August 14, 2017

TNG Conference and CWA Convention

We had expected a report from Local 39000 Delegate Juan Ramirez and have not yet received one.  So here is what I have heard: 

  1. Mr. Ramirez did attend both the meetings in Pittsburgh. 
  2. At the TNG Conference his resolution urging the use of certified interpreters was passed by the Conference.
  3. At the CWA Convention, Mr. Ramirez initially brought forward an appeal of the decision by CWA to place the Local in Temporary Administration, he later withdrew that appeal and the issue is now closed.
  4. Neither Mr. Ramirez or anyone else brought forward an appeal of issue of then Local President Torrone going to Paris and the expenses for that trip.  That matter is now closed and the Local will move forward on restitution.
  5. Mr. Ramirez initially raised appeal of the recent National Trial Body decision about the expulsion from membership, as well as the order to pay restitution.   Since he was not a party to the case, and did not represent the individuals who were tried, he could not represent their interests and that case will remain pending until the CWA Presidents’ Meeting in June of 2018.
  6. CWA delegates passed the CWA Strong resolution – focusing on strengthening the membership of the Union especially in open shops.  We have been advised that we will be able to get some funding to assist us in outreach to non-members and new hires.

When we hear more from Mr. Ramirez about the Conference and Convention we will pass it along to you.

 CFI Conference – Registration is OPEN

2017 is Northern California’s year to host the annual CFI Conference and it has been booked for Oakland Airport Hilton from Friday October 6th through October 8th

Great speakers have been lined up including: Jeff Adachi, Virginia Valencia, Holly Mikkelson, Athena Matilsky, Agustin de la Mora, Daniel Tamayo, and more.

 You can register here.

Rates have been held at the 2014 level. Rates include all meals, and there will be no late fees.

The leadership of TNG made a commitment to the former local officers to hold the event this fall and we are following through with that.  You have a great opportunity to see old friends, get CIMCE credits, and enjoy some time away from work with other interpreters.



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