California Federation of Interpreters
Nominations are now open for the Region 3 Board Representative Position.  
The terms of office will begin upon election and completion of officer training and run through December 31, 2021.
Nomination must be received by August 19, 2019 please send emails at [email protected]
Candidates must be members in good standing, accept the nomination in writing, and agree to participate in training.  
In the event of a contested race for the Region 3 board representative position, a secret ballot election will be conducted. 

Dear CFI Members,

We are asking members to support our CWA brothers and sisters who work in the telecom industries, and for whom this bill is very important to stem the avalanche of jobs off-shoring of call centers. Our profession is facing the very same thing, but it will be taking the form of Video Remote Interpreting call centers being off-shored to other countries throughout Latin America and Asia. This law’s protection will help protect us down the line. I urge you to call your representatives and get this through to the Governor’s desk.
In solidarity,
Michael Ferreira, President
California Federation of Interpreters
Local 39000 TNG-CWA



Dear CFI Members,

Thank you so much to all of you that have participated in committee hearings, made calls and sent emails. All your hard work is the reason AB 1677 (The Call Center Bill) has passed out of so many committees.  As you know, AB 1677 would deny State grants, State-guaranteed loans, or tax credits for 5 years to any company that relocates 30 percent or more of their call center work to another country. 

AB 1677 will be heard in the Senate Appropriations Committee at 10:00am on Monday, August 12th! Please call your state Senator now and tell them to vote YES on AB 1677!

Here's a list of the committee members that need to hear from you.  Even if you're not a constituent, please make a call to these committee members. 

Portantino (Chair)                                              (916) 651-4025

Senator Patricia C. Bates (Vice Chair)           (916) 651-4036

Senator Steven Bradford                                  (916) 651-4035

Senator Maria Elena Durazo                            (916) 651-4024

Senator Jerry Hill                                                (916) 651-4013

Senator Brian W. Jones                                     (916) 651-4038

Senator Bob Wieckowski                                  (916) 651-4010

You can also call your Senator directly because they'll need to hear from you if this bill moves further.  Don't know your State Senator?  Click here to find out here's the link to the Senate roster,

Please take a few minutes to make the call now and ask your state Senator to vote YES on AB 1677.

Sample script: 

Hello, my name is _________ and I am a California citizen/constituent and union member.  I'm calling to urge Senator ___________ to support an important bill for Call Center Workers in California, AB 1677.  AB 1677 is important to union members and workers across our state because it sends a clear message to large corporations -- "keep jobs in California or lose out on taxpayer subsidies!"  Please vote YES on AB 1677

In solidarity,

CWA District 9 Legislative and Political Team

CWA District 9


District 9 North
2804 Gateway Oaks Dr. #150
Sacramento, CA 95833

District 9 South
12215 Telegraph Rd. #210
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

Text CWAACTION to 69866 to Join Our Rapid Response Text List
Communications Workers of America, AFL-CIO, CLC.


Dear Region 3 Members,

Your bargaining committee is happy to announce that we have started discussing and working on strategies. 

We have decided to take an aggressive offensive approach as our main strategy. In prior years we have tried different approaches and strategies to meet our goals; however, we have not been able to make the necessary impact to move the regional courts to offer employees a fair wage. Although picketing, handing out fliers, and speaking to justice partners is an effective bargaining strategy to which we will also implement, we also need to step upour game.

We need to go directly to those who have authority over the courts and can influence the budget, as well as reaching out to the organizations that  advocate for the people to whom we provide interpreting services. We can no longer assume that the fight is only ours. Recruiting and retention of interpreters is crucial in providing fair and equal access to our justice system! Without us, there would be no language access. Likewise, no language access means no fair and equal access to justice for the millions of Californians who are limited English proficient. 

For years, the courts have told us there is no money for interpreter raises. By CFI getting the ball rolling in courts offering contractors the federal rate, we demonstrated that there is money. Now it’s our turn to be paid a fair wage. We need to reach out to contractors and ask for their support. There is enough money for all to be paid a fair wage commensurate with our skill set!

The success of our negotiations will depend on our mobilizing efforts. We need volunteers in each county to do the outreach aimed at:

  • Justice Partners- District Attorneys, Public Defenders, Probation, Self-Help, etc. 
  • Labor Council- participate in the meetings, make Council aware of what is going on in our sector, and ask for their guidance and support.
  • Organizations- advocates for immigrants, civil rights groups, legal aide, Community Action Partners, Victim Services, Hispanic Foundation, Indigenous organizations, etc. 
  • Unions- SEIU, ACSME, UFW, CWA, and others.
  • State Representatives-State Assembly and Senate representatives of each county. 
  • Independent Contractors (particularly concerning VRI issues).

Please join our efforts and volunteer. Send us an email indicating how you would like to volunteer at [email protected]

In Solidarity

Your Region 3 Bargaining Team

Janet Hudec
Carmen Ramos
Rosa Trevizo
Joseph Tobin



Region 2 Bargaining Committee Results:

The top five candidates are part of the bargaining committee.

Name                                             Votes

Kristina Ramsey 43
Margo Seely 42
Juan Jose Negrete 41
Shannon Raintree 39
Margaret Layman 38
Kristen Nickel 15

Stephany Magana

Maria Alvarez Caceros 13
Pedro Sahagun 12
Laura Villanueva 7


CFI Local 39000 will hold elections to form the Region 2 bargaining committee; the ballots will be sent to each member in good standing’s email on file with the local before the end of this week. 
As voting will be by electronic ballot, it will be important to make sure the local has your correct email.
The CFI executive board sought guidance in the local’s bylaws following concerns raised regarding the response time provided to potential candidates for accepting nomination to the bargaining committee.
In consultation with the by-laws, the board ruled that all nominees who accepted within five days from the nominations period’s closing date will be on the ballot.
Only union members in good standing are eligible to vote. If there is any doubt as to your qualification to vote, or if you wish to update your email address with the local, please contact us in writing at [email protected].
The time frame to return your vote will be seven business days from the date on which the ballots are sent.
If you do not receive a ballot by the end of business on Friday of this week, please contact the local at (562) 944-2341 or [email protected].
In solidarity,
CFI Local 39000 Executive Board
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