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Informational Webinar Regarding Cares Act 

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“The Two Trillion Dollar ‘CARES ACT'’”
New Benefits for Working People and Their Families 





Families First Corona Virus Response Act

In and effort to keep our members informed of the changing landscape of wage replacement and paid leaves, we are making this communication from our lawyers immediately available to the membership, since it may be of use in determining if one qualifies for whatever these new federal stimulus packages may offer.


LASC Explains Coding for Time and A Half ... Still Some Glitches

CFI received this communication from LASC on March 27, 2020:

Update: Timekeeping (COVID-19)

Pursuant to the side letter agreement the union signed with the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, related to the COVID-19 pandemic, employees will be paid time and a half if they are directed to report to a courthouse to work on-site. The Court does not currently have a payroll code to track the additional half time.  Accordingly, the Court is working with the Auditor-Controller to create a timekeeping code for the payroll event.   Once the new payroll code is approved by the Auditor-Controller, the Court will process the retroactive time. Straight time will continue to be paid.  

We will continue to keep you updated as we hear more from the Auditor-Controller.


LASC Court Interpreters

To all Los Angeles Superior Court interpreter employees:
Please see the agreement CFI has reached with the Court regarding operational changes during the COVID-19 pandemic emergency. 

LASC Offer to CFI

HR 073

For Monday, March 23rd, assignments are as usual unless you’ve heard otherwise from your supervisor. For those who wish to telework, the form the court is using to inform management of your desire to participate in a telework option is attached.
The court has told us that information will be provided regarding the procedure for filling out these forms; please contact your supervisor if you have questions. 
Pay special attention to #5 on the telework agreement, which means that if you are on the telework option and you become too sick or some other emergency prevents you from being able to work telephonically, you can still call-off as per the regular procedures. 
As stated in #8 all of the regular rules, policies and practices of on-site work apply to telework.
Many bargaining unit member have inquired as to the court’s criteria for assigning in-person interpretation work on site. The following is the verbatim answer given to us by administration:
“Regularly assigned interpreters will be first assigned to work in their regularly assigned courthouse if they are identified as open. If the regularly assigned interpreters are not available to work for any reason, the assignment office will follow regular practices in filling relief assignments. Once all daily needs are filled, those with telework agreements not contacted will not be required to report to a courthouse. However, they should remain available should they be needed.”
If you have questions or need further clarification regarding these agreements, please contact your supervisor or manager. 
We’d like to remind you that the Court’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available to help with the stressful feelings that many of us are experiencing during this public heath crisis.

EAP Phamplet

Mental Health Resources and Information
Please know that your Union is working around the clock throughout the state to ensure maximum health and economic protections possible for its unit members. The unprecedented situation created by the COVID-19 pandemic changes from moment to moment. Your Board, your Stewards and CFI Local office staff are working diligently in an effort to keep up with the rapid pace at which this situation is evolving. 
Stay safe; stay healthy. Follow and keep abreast of all of the latest best protective measures published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.
In solidarity,  
Michael Ferreira, President CFI Local 39000 TNG-CWA
Janet Hudec, Vice-President CFI Local 39000 TNG-CWA
Carmen Ramos, Secretary-Treasurer CFI Local 39000 TNG-CWA
Kathleen Sinclair, Union Steward, LASC
Gabrielle Veit-Bermudez, Union Steward, LASC
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