Volunteer to serve on a CFI Local 39000 committee by March 15

Committee chairs have been appointed and were approved by the executive board for the following committees: 
Grievance and Arbitration: Juan Ramirez, Chair
Budget: Daniel Navarro, Chair
Advisory Committee: Lucy Flores, Legislative and Policy Director
Special Committee on Language Access Research and Advocacy: Camille Taiara, Chair
The President is an ex-oficio member of all committees, and the Treasurer is an ex-oficio member of the budget committee, as provided in the bylaws
CFI Local 39000 invites members interested in working on a committee to volunteer by emailing us at  [email protected] by March 15, 2016.  Your email will be forwarded to the committee chair for consideration. Put the name of the committee you’re interested in in the subject line, and indicate any relevant experience you may have. If you’ve previously served on one of these committees, submit an email to let us know if you are interested in being reappointed. Committee chairs will select and appoint members based on the needs of each committee.
A brief description of each committee follows, and additional information on committees can be found in our local bylaws
Grievance and Arbitration – This committee currently meets monthly by teleconference. Its primary role is to determine  which grievances are approved for arbitration and to strategize around contract enforcement issues. The committee also makes recommendations to the executive board about grievance and arbitration processing. This committee has been in place since last year and is also developing protocols for stewards and grievance processing. Active stewards are eligible to serve on this committee. Staff representatives participate in committee meetings and discussions on the status of grievances.

Budget – The budget committee will prepare the proposed annual budget, in consultation with the Treasurer, for Executive Board approval.
Advisory Committee – This committee is made up of the Legislative and Policy Director and Professional Division Directors who organize the CFI conference and other continuing education events. The committee develops and implements CFI's legislative, political and educational agenda, and pursues projects that promote language access and the profession. 
Special Committee on Language Access Research and Advocacy – This is a special committee formed per the bylaws to conduct research and prepare written materials to be used in CFI’s advocacy work. The committee works in close consultation with the advisory committee and board on special projects related to language access advocacy and communications. 
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