Seminar and Meeting

Interpreters focus on forensic psychiatry, VRI and labor issues 

SACRAMENTO (March 5, 2016) _ Nearly 50 interpreters attended CFI's seminar and membership meeting on Saturday, which focused on forensic psychiatry, Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) and discussion of labor issues. The Executive Board's first face-to-face meeting followed the event.


Dr. Jason Roof started off the day with his presentation on forensic and correctional psychiatry. Roof kept interpreters engaged and focused with his discussion on mental illnesses, malingering, substance use, and geriatric inmates.

CFI President Ariel Torrone followed up with a presentation on a history of VRI, focusing on the system used in Florida, which he observed last year. 

During the membership meeting, Torrone urged members to participate by volunteering to work on one of the local's committeesrunning for a spot on one of the Region 2 or Region 3 bargaining committees and supporting professional pay for all interpreters. 

"Bargaining happens at the ground level, in every court room in every courthouse of every region. They need to know you’re engaged, you’re involved," Torrone said. "You need to know what issues are. You are our eyes and ears on the ground."

Freelance Unit Chair Joel Rubert also urged members _ employee and contractor _ to support a petition to increase the per diem for independent contractors. Rubert plans to present the petitions to the Judicial Council during the April 15 meeting in San Francisco and invites employee and contract interpreters to attend in order to show their support for professional pay.



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