Regions 2 & 3 - Nominations

Nominate a union member for the bargaining committee

OAKLAND (June 1, 2016) _ Do you want to protect and improve our working conditions? Are you committed to fighting for professional compensation? Then consider participating as a member of the bargaining committee that will negotiate our new contract.  

Negotiations for new contracts in Regions 2 and 3 are expected to begin later this summer. Both contracts expire at the end of September 2016, and preparations for bargaining start now with the election of new bargaining committees.

The deadline for submitting a nomination for bargaining team elections is June 16. Submit via email to [email protected]. Your subject line should read: “Bargaining committee nomination” and the Region you are in (2 or 3). Include the name of the member you are nominating, the county they work in and the member’s email and phone number. Self-nominations are accepted.

Bargaining committee members determine proposals to be presented at the table, attend bargaining sessions on court time, and are expected to volunteer time between sessions to help mobilize members.