Interpreter Budget

CFI applauds increase to $101.5 million in state’s interpreter budget

SACRAMENTO (June 28, 2016) _ Gov. Jerry Brown signed a state budget Monday that boosts the allocation for interpreter services to $101.5 million. 

The $7 million increase from last year’s budget aims to expand access to interpreters for litigants in civil cases in all California courts.

CFI President Ariel Torrone praised the increase in the interpreter budget.

“We appreciate the Governor’s recognition that interpreter services in California are a fundamental requirement to ensure fairness and access to the court system. This additional allocation will allow courts to expand services and take steps to recruit and retain more skilled interpreters,” Torrone said.

Courts have allowed interpreter wages to stagnate for both employees and contractors, even though funding for interpreter services has remained steady over the years. This led the state’s interpreter budget to build a surplus that currently stands at around $12 million, according to the most recent information available. The failure to establish a competitive wage structure is making it much more difficult for courts to meet the demands of expansion.

CFI Legislative Representative Mary Lou Aranguren said the new funding should allow for long needed improvements.

“We’re optimistic that courts will now see there’s funding available and will work on improving compensation and working conditions in order to achieve the full expansion of services in civil proceedings,” she said.


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