Bargaining Resumes in Regions 2 and 3

Dates for contract talks set for February  

NORTHERN CALIFORNIA (Jan. 26, 2017) _ Bargaining dates have been scheduled in Regions 2 and 3 to resume negotiations for a new contract:

  • Region 2 dates are February 6, 7 and 15. 
  • Region 3 dates are February 21 and 27.

The path to an agreement won’t be easy, and your resolve to demand a fair contract will be key. 

The Regions continue to focus on reducing employee work priority and fail to recognize the importance of improving wages and working conditions to meet their own need to recruit and retain interpreters. Wage offers in each region are too low and don’t begin to address the disparities in pay and wage growth within the court system. These disparities are well documented and stem from general neglect of language access needs, as well as the compensation structure that links our benefit changes to other employee groups without also linking us for the purpose of wage increases. 

Your bargaining teams have proposals on the table to address these disparities, to move interpreter salaries up significantly toward federal pay levels, and to address pension changes that are further eroding pay in many Region 2 courts. The Union is also working to ensure that pension changes anticipated in both regions over the term of the MOU due to pension reform are identified now when they can be addressed at the table. This is necessary to ensure that any wage gains we achieve are not eroded during the term of the next contract by increased pension costs borne by employees. 

We thank you for supporting the bargaining teams and our demand for fair wages and a fair compensation structure. Now more than ever, as two Region 3 courts (Sacramento and Merced) prepare to implement the VRI pilot project in March, we call upon all interpreters to unite and stand strong with CFI as we fight to protect and improve our jobs and our profession. 

Stay tuned for updates and stay connected with your bargaining team and local mobilizers. 

Also, send us your pictures of colleagues mobilizing and participating in Red Wednesdays to [email protected]

Your Regions 2 and 3 Bargaining Committees:

Region 2                               Region 3

Naomi Adelson                   Eduard Hairullin
Kate Bancroft                      Sharmen Gragirena Lewis
Carla Cuevas                       Matt Marchetti
Carol Palacio                       Tyler Nguyen
Juan Jose Negrete             Mariana Sanchis
Katy Van Sant                      Lesley Walker
Mary Lou Aranguren, Spokesperson
Anabelle Garay, Field Representative