R3 Bargaining Bulletin #8

Back at the Table but Still Far Apart on Wages

SAN JOAQUIN (Feb 23, 2017) _ CFI’s Region 3 negotiating team returned to the bargaining table on Tuesday after a two month hiatus, putting forward a compensation proposal that would provide interpreters with fairness and equity in compensation.

The Region 3 courts’ negotiator responded to the proposal by saying the two sides are still far apart on wages and continued to demand that employees give away statutory rights in order to get fair wages.

CFI wants to boost interpreter pay by increasing the base pay at each step, adding two additional pay steps, and including cost-of-living allowances for interpreters.

The Union also proposed a wage increase if the linked bargaining units in the three largest courts obtain raises beyond 2%. Region 3 balked at this, saying the court executives don’t want to provide raises to all interpreters in the region simply because other court employees in one court got them. This objection fails to recognize that under the current system interpreters consistently receive less than other employees.

For more on the bargaining issues and pay disparities that need to be addressed, see our update of December 5, 2016. Your bargaining team remains firm on demanding fairness and equity.

The next bargaining session is next week in Merced.  Remember red Wednesdays and get behind mobilizing efforts in your local court.