Region 2 Update

Notice of Membership Meeting June 10, 2017

Region 2 Ratification Vote or Strike Mode

SAN FRANCISCO (MAY 31, 2017) _ CFI's Region 2 bargaining committee returns to the table tomorrow (Thursday, June 1) for what promises to be a make or break session.
We are very close to a tentative agreement and the Region’s committee has gone back to consult with its principals on a key issue. The outcome hinges on whether the Region agrees to treat all interpreters fairly in terms of the financial benefits webargain. The Region’s position previously would disadvantage many members and is not a workable deal. 
If that issue is resolved this Thursday, we expect to hold a meeting on June 10 to discuss the terms of a tentative agreement and carry out a ratification vote.  
If we don't reach a tentative agreement, we will need to meet to discuss preparations for further strike actions region wide.
Either way, please save the date _  Saturday, June 10 _ for what will be an important meeting. 
Time and location to be announced.