Region 1 Bargaining Update

February 21, 2018, Santa Fe Springs, District 9 Office

Your Region 1 Bargaining Team met with Court Administration today at the CFI Santa Fe Springs location.  Thank you Ramona Rodriguez (F), Maria Ruiz (A) and Alicia Grubic (A) for showing your support by observing the negotiation process in action.

Our apologies for this update coming out a couple days later than it normally does, and for those of you who asked, “No update?,” it’s heartening to know there are interpreters who keep themselves in the know regarding the progress of our contract negotiations.  It is important to remember that each one of you is an essential part in securing and upholding a contract which is favorable to interpreters.

It has become apparent that management does not discuss bargaining issues until the day of the meeting; their bargaining team spent over two hours caucusing before they met with our team.

There was some positive movement, albeit small.  Management withdrew their proposal on Article 17 that dealt with the way seniority is calculated when an employee moves from full-time (“A”) to as-needed (“F”) and then back again to full-time.  They had proposed to change the language in the description, although not the method.

They accepted the chart that we proposed that would illustrate the employee designations used in each county: Los Angeles: “A”, “C” and “F” status; Santa Barbara: regular full-time; regular part-time and “Extra Help”; and San Luis Obispo: regular full-time; regular part-time and “As-Needed”. 

Management was also willing to have a discussion about Article 19 which deals with Cross Assignments. Until now, they had not done that, but would just reject our counter proposals with little or no discussion. 

Court Administration rejected our last wage proposal and modified their last salary proposal. This modification dealt with the timing of the increase not the amounts.  They proposed 2% after the ratification of the contract, 2% July 2019 and 2% July 2020.  No retroactive, no signing bonus, no COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment).  Our team was understandably upset.  Caren Sencer our attorney spoke up and told them we were disheartened and found it difficult to move forward when we know there is no movement in other areas.  Their attorney (Joe Wiley) responded that they were "not suggesting that there would be no more movement right now". He said that in bargaining he always prefers to first deal with as many of the easier issues as he can, and to leave the harder issues until last.  The issues he considers "hard" are Art. 21, Salary, and Art. 18, Assignments.

The fact that he admitted that that was not their last offer was encouraging.  However, after we caucused, we agreed that we could not move forward with the "easier" issues because some of those are contingent on the wage issue.  If they are willing to concede on some of the things we are asking for (COLA, retroactive pay, etc.), we may be willing to withdraw our proposals on some of the "easier" issues and leave them for the next contract negotiations.  One example of these is our request for a yearly sum of money ($750.00) to cover the cost of our CIMCE credits and California certification.

The next Bargaining session is scheduled for Wednesday, February 28th at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse (Room 522).  Remember to fill out your RTOs to ensure your participation in this session.  We are also planning a noontime rally in front of the Courthouse (Grand Street entrance), and strongly encourage those nearby to attend.  Let's show the Administration that we are united and willing to fight for a fair contract!

In solidarity…

Your Region 1 Bargaining Team
CFI Local 39000, CWA-TNG

Pedro Ramírez-Navas  
Daniel Kaufman 
Doris Vick 
Michael Ferreira 
Robert Guerrero 
Caren Sencer, Spokesperson