Thoughts from a member:

Benefits of belonging to an International Union rather than a small professional association, or going to another union.

  1. If we go to another union now we will be merged into another local. Our numbers are too small. Any other large union won’t want to spend large amounts of monies on us when it comes to bargaining or resolving grievances.
  2. If you use the Janus decision to send letters of resignation from our union, you weaken your own power by ceding to others your voice and vote on any issues affecting you. You impoverish and weaken our union. Remember this movement is very much supported by Trump and his following in order to get rid of unions all together. Unions are the only protection we have against abusive employers.  
  3. We were a number of about 800 members. Thanks to the Janus decision and other negative influences we have lost about 300 members. Keep in mind that as a union we have to cover a territory the size of England and Scotland with some 58 employer courts. Now is not the time to break away from the support offered by belonging to an international of 750,000 members. Do the financial math. How much financial support can you expect from 300, 500, or even 800 members paying dues compared to the financial support we get from and International with 750,000 members paying dues.
  4. If a disaffiliation is successful you will still have members that will not pay dues under the Janus decision. You will have to shop for a union that even wants small numbers. You will have to wait one year without representation before another union can represent you. During the one year waiting period you will be at your weakest point and at the mercy of the courts. 
  5. There has been a lot said and published about the trials against several of our colleagues. The simple truth is they were disassociated from our union because they ran a disaffiliation campaign while being members and an employee of our union. The truth is that simple, read the union constitution. You can legally run a disaffiliation campaign but, not while you are under a contract and certainly not while you are a paid employee of any union.  Read the PERB rules, they are very velar about when you can legally disaffiliate.  
  6. The board was thrown out because they disobeyed our presidents order for a new election, they stopped paying per caps, and three days after learning of the trusteeship the board took $50,000.00 of our locals’ money (yes, out of the dues we paid). Now, do you still believe in the “CFI Recovery” group’s