Information about JC's New And Improved Way to Decertify Interpreters

February 10, 2020

Dear Fellow Colleagues,

The beginning of 2020 has brought the start of a new regulation for certified and registered interpreters in California. The California Court Interpreter Credential Review Procedures is the procedure that reinforces the professional standards for certified and registered court interpreters. This regulation establishes for Judicial Council to review allegations of professional misconduct or malfeasance filed against certified and registered court interpreters, defines the due process protections of procedures governing the credential review, ensures that certified and registered court interpreters meet and maintain minimum professional practice standards, and safeguards the quality and integrity of credentialed court interpreters. 

The Judicial Council Court Interpreting Program (CIP) will be the entity that will be charged with credential reviews and may impose sanctions or up to revocation of interpreter’s credential. Grounds for sanctions may include:

  • Violation of Rule of Court 2.890;
  • Gross incompetence[1];
  • Deliberate misrepresentation of a certified court or registered interpreter credential, including failure to notify relevant parties of a suspension or revocation of a court interpreter credential;
  • Knowing and reckless disclosure of confidential or privileged information obtained while serving in an official capacity;
  • Fraud, dishonesty, or corruption related to the functions and duties of a court interpreter;
  • Conviction of a felony or misdemeanor;
  • Violation of California or Federal law, including discrimination and harassment laws;
  • False or deceptive advertising after receipt of notification to discontinue; and
  • Violations of duties imposed by these procedures.

Any individual, whether court user, judicial officer, attorneys, court staff, colleague interpreters, among others, can file a complaint against an interpreter. The Credential Review Procedures applies to ALL interpreters regardless of employment status. 

If any employee is faced with a credential review complaint, please notify CFI Local 39000 as soon as possible. Your Union is committed to providing the best representation possible for its members. 

For more information regarding the California Court Interpreter Credential Review Procedures, please click on the link.

In Solidarity,

CFI Executive Board

[1] At this moment, it is unclear how this will be determined; there are no specifics as to whether there would be convened a panel of experts in the language, or certified interpreter colleagues, or any body whatsoever to determine whether there was “gross incompetence” in the interpretation, other than the word of the complainant. The criteria for “gross incompetence” have not been outlined, so far. The Local has filed a PERB charge against Orange County for discipline being imposed on an employee interpreter for a complaint of “incompetent interpreting” filed by a bilingual attorney. The Union is fighting the issue specifically because of the process, and the fact that there are no evaluation criteria on the performance review for this.