LASC members:

In light of the many issues that are coming up with administrators/supervisors putting pressure on interpreters to log the DALs into the CICDS/Judicial Council's portal, and the many issues with the portal itself, we decided to give you a email to which you can write all your complaints and observations on this topic.

Below is the email link you should use every time you want to report an issue with any supervisor concerning DALs, or any issues with the CICDS portal itself. Most important before sending the email is to place “CIDCS Interpreter Portal” in the subject line. Please send them to [email protected].
As a reminder, your Union is still in a formal meet and confer with LASC over the issue, and we ask that you please do not enter your DAL information on the portal until all the issues are straightened up, and all the terms and conditions are set in writing. 
However, please continue keeping track of all your DALs separately to later enter the information after the meet and confer has come to an acceptable conclusion. 
We will keep you posted on any new developments.
In Solidarity,

Monica P. Almada
Union Steward