In California there has been an addition of medical interpreters as the list of people who are in the first group to sign up for vaccines. There was a notion that this was only for independent contractors and specifically for those who work only, or mostly as medical interpreters … not employees of the courts. 

The reality is that court interpreters, even as employees of the courts are also included in the medical group. If you look at the back of your certification/registration cards from the Judicial Council, you will see that the bearer of that card is considered a medical interpreter as well. All interpreters registered and certified with the Judicial Council are qualified to sign up for vaccinations in Phase 1A Priority Populations: 

  • Healthcare workers: Persons at high and moderate risk of exposure to SARS CoV-2 through their work in any role in direct health care or long-term care settings. This population includes persons at direct risk of exposure in their non-clinical roles, such as, but not limited to, environmental services, patient transport, or language interpretation.


Understand that there are vaccination sites and web registration pages that are for county health departments, and there are others for large cities, such as Long Beach, CA that have their own vaccination programs. 

We include the ones that we were immediately able to verify; you must first go to your county and/or city health department’s webpage, search for “vaccine registration” and select any qualifier that states “healthcare workers.” We qualify under the “language interpretation” designation for “correctional facility hospitals” and “acute care psychiatric hospitals.” (Psyche evaluations that we do for the courts) 

Some registration sites may simply state “healthcare worker;” select that one and be sure to bring your personal ID and Judicial Council certified/registered Interpreter ID.

Follow these links if you live or work in these counties.

Herein lies the rub: You will not be the only one trying to get an appointment. Appointments are made available in batches throughout the day. IF YOU DO NOT SEE ANY AVAILABLE APPOINTS ON YOUR FIRST TRY, DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED. CHECK IN THROUGHOUT THE DAY/NIGHT AND GET ANY APPOINTMENT YOU CAN WITHIN THE VARIOUS SITES WITHIN YOUR COUNTY OR CITY METROPOLITAN AREA. I think we can all agree that no matter how far, it would be well worth the drive.

When you go for your injection, it is recommended to not take any analgesics prophylactically, as this may hamper the vaccination’s initial effect. For those who may have had life-threatening allergic reactions (anaphylaxis) to vaccines in the past, please consult with your physician as to whether you should get a COVID vaccination. There are medical response teams at all vaccination sites in case of such events.

Upon receiving the vaccination, you will be given a vaccination card record: YOU WILL NEED TO PRESENT THAT CARD TO GET A SECOND VACCINATION. Remember, the immunity does not take without the second injection.

We hope that this information is helpful. We are sorry not to have all links for all counties and cities that are presently giving vaccinations; this list was downloaded from a Southern California television station’s website. There may be other links for COVID vaccination registration sites on newspaper and television media websites.

Please share this information with all of our colleagues who are certified/registered by the Judicial Council, and medical interpreters who may have other certifications that qualify them!

Stay well, stay safe.

In solidarity, 

Michael Ferreira
CFI President