In Memoriam Daniel Felix

Interpreter Daniel Felix, loving husband and father of two children, dies in isolation at age 66

Born on January 28, 1954 in Brawley, California. Daniel’s life was cut short after he lost his battle to COVID-19 this past Sunday, January 17, 2021. 

Daniel married his High-School sweetheart, María Elena, and together they raised their daughter, Massiel, and son Daniel. He had a passion for life. He was always smiling, invariably ready to dance, laugh and live life to the fullest. He would never miss a concert on Friday nights at the Music Center, and California Plaza where he would dance the night away with his wife and friends. He was a family man. His wife and children were the main purpose of his life and he was successful in having a strong and joyful family.

Family, friends and community were Daniel’s motivators. His Faith, his optimism and witty sense of humor led him, and his loved ones through difficult times.

Before joining the Los Angeles Superior Court, in February of 1982, he had a fruitful career as a teacher. His passion for education kept him always motivated to keep learning, and to be up-to date with his craft.  He served as a Court Interpreter for the Los Angeles Superior Court for 39 years and was just one month shy to retirement. He performed his duties with understanding and compassion for the people he served. He was always able to add some degree of humor to the most somber court atmosphere.  

Daniel was a generous and loyal friend.

We will miss his quick laugh, his constant smile, and his kind spirit. And we are devastated by his loss. 

May you Rest In Peace, dear friend.