In memoriam Ventura Torres

Wednesday, February 3, 2021, was a very sad day for the Compton Court interpreters’ family and for all interpreters in the county of Los Angeles. We lost our beloved friend and colleague, Ventura Torres.

Ventura had been a staff interpreter in Compton since the beginning of his career back in the eighties, and everyone in this building knew, respected and loved him to no end. He was one of the most selfless, generous people I knew, if you needed help he was always there to give you the shirt off his back never expecting anything in return.

He was a good father and a loving husband, and my heart aches for the tremendous loss his family suffered today. 

At work, Ventura was the first one to arrive every morning, and the last one to leave at the end of the day. He was a hard worker, something he learned early on in life.

His childhood wasn’t easy, he told me some stories but only because I pried, Ventura never complained about the many hardships he endured, he just faced them like a man even when he was still a child.

As an interpreter, there was no one like him. If you saw him work his skill at the witness stand, a place many interpreters fear and avoid at all costs, he would be cool as a cucumber. Ventura knew his stuff; he was a natural.

Every time I had question about a difficult interpretation I knew who to ask, he never disappointed me, and I know there are dozens, if not hundreds of interpreters, who would say the same thing.

We lost a good friend today, a good man, and exemplary human being.

The void will be impossible to fill, as it should be when you lose someone like Ventura.

Flavio Posse
[Staff Interpreter at Compton Superior Court]