In Memoriam Jackie Luk

Our dear colleagueJackie Luk, passed away in early March of this year. She was one of the few Chinese Interpreters who worked in both Mandarin and Cantonese. Jackie worked for the courts for more than 30 years and was assigned to Alhambra when she retired several years ago.

Classy, yet humble and easy-going, Jackie was gifted with a great sense of humor. Her deep understanding of Chinese and American cultures translated into a colleague who related well to all of us. 

Jackie was a major player on the national interpreter scene, serving on teams that developed certification exams throughout the country. She was the first choice of many states to rate exams since she was so reliable and easy to work with.

Jackie was an avid tennis player and loved to hike and be outdoors. 

She is survived by her husband, Kim, as well as her children, Stephanie and Eric, and two grandchildren.