Go fund Me for Myrna Marks

The Local has been approached by some members from the Los Angeles Superior Court with a request to share this Go Fund Me page for our dear colleague, Myrna Marks. As some may already know, Myrna and her family are facing a very difficult time both financially and in terms of Myrna’s physical and emotional recovery from injuries sustained while a pedestrian in a traffic accident this month. Although there are positive signs in her condition, this is a long haul and the well-being of her family and her ability to fully return to work are difficult to ascertain at this moment. There will no doubt be co-pays and other expenses, as well as the possibility of the extended sick leave compensation coverage (100%, 65%, and 50%) running out, should this take longer than her accruals can support.

We encourage everyone to contribute as best they can. In the words of labor leader David Coates: An injury to one is an injury to all.


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