Candidates' Statements - Region 4 Bargaining Committee 

Silvia San Martin

In a region such as Region 4 where all five counties can be represented, all counties should be. I am running because San Diego is the only one that as of now does not have a seat.  I am running because I participated in the last round of negotiations and that knowledge and experience needs to be an integral part of the conversations. I am running because I am an active steward with an excellent record and a powerful voice, and more than anything else, I am running because of my love to our profession. 

Jimmy Villagran

My name is Jimmy Villagran and I have been a court interpreter for 19 years. I started with the courts when we were still independent contractors, so I’m quite aware that we have always been seen as the low man on the totem pole, treated as the court’s ugly step children. 
I know as well that the small gains we have achieved, have been the result of the blood, sweat and tears of many who came before me. We have seen highs and lows, and starting with this next round of negotiations, I will do my best so that we move in one direction: UP.
I’m currently in a place in life where I can dedicate the time and energy required to get the best contract possible. Our number one priority in Region 4 is a decent living wage now, and adequate increases in the future. As part of the bargaining committee, I will fight for the region as a whole: Orange County,  Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego. I am not a politician. I’m not interested in who-said-or-did-what drama. My only job will be to help in negotiations for Region 4. 
There is power in unity. I believe that if we start creating division amongst ourselves, we stand no chance at making substantial changes at the table. It’s been proven time and again, a united front will get us the best possible results. I hope to count on your support.  
Thank you