Hello Colleagues, 
It’s time for some good news!  After a lengthy fierce fight against Orange Superior Court for their wrongful unilateral implementation of furloughs, CFI is happy to announce that we have prevailed! WE WON THE ULP FURLOUGH CASE AGAINST ORANGE COUNTY COURT!
The Decision

  1. The Orange County Court MUST CEASE AND DESIST from
a.  Failing and refusing to meet and confer in good faith with the Union over implementing furloughs.
b.  Interfering with interpreter employee’s rights to be represented by the Union on all matters of employer-employee relations.
c.  Denying the Union its right to represent interpreter employees in their employment relations with the Court.
d.  Creating non-uniform terms and conditions of employment regarding the hours of work of interpreter employees throughout Trial Court Region 4 in the absence of a MOU or agreement with the Union that provides for such non-uniformity.
2. The Orange County Court MUST take the following affirmative actions:
a.  Give the Union notice and an opportunity to meet and confer in good faith over any future decision to implement mandatory furloughs for interpreters.
b.  Within 10 workdays of the service of a final decision (after the appeal period) in this matter, rescind the mandatory furloughs
c.  Within 30 workdays of the service of a final decision in the matter, make affected interpreter employees whole, including but not limited to paying them backpay equal to the amount they lost as a result of the implementation of the mandatory furloughs, plus 7% interest.
d.  Within 10 workdays of the final decision, post at all work locations and website/email a notice of this decision.
e.  Report in writing to PERB and General Counsel’s designee that the Court has complied with this order.
The Court has the right to file an appeal. The OC Court has 20 days from this decision to file. If the OC Court appeals, CFI intends to keep fighting. 
Great leaders don’t set out to stand out and flaunt their leadership skills. They set out to make a difference. Thank you Lou Lou Tovar and Frances Marino (OC colleagues) for making this happen. Your self initiative to spring to action made the difference. Your hard work did not go unnoticed. Your fearlessness motivates. Both or you make our Union strong!
We will continue to fight tirelessly behind the scenes for the benefit and respect that our members and our profession deserves. We are all part of the fight. We are the Union. It’s time we all take hold of the empowerment and make a difference. 
In Solidarity, 
Michael Ferreira, President
Carmen Ramos, Secretary-Treasurer
Janet Hudec, VP