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Region 1 Representative for Executive Board Statements


Begonya De Salvo


Dear colleagues—

My heart is full of gratitude for the individuals who have nominated me, and those who have asked me to accept the nomination to be their Region 1 Representative. I feel blessed for those who see me for who I am.

It is my sincere belief that all Region 1 members are aware of our need for a strong yet sound voice to face the many challenges ahead. I believe we can all recognize that this is a pivotal moment for all of us—for those about to retire, and those who will remain in the workforce. 

We deserve a brighter future, and I can help.

I hope to put my forces and talents to work to support our Union and make things happen. I am a relentless advocate who will not stop as a result of any bump in the road, who will fight fiercely for your interests, and who will use all tools available to represent you successfully.

I am doing this not out of any personal ambition, but simply because I love my fellow interpreters and want to serve them. I am a fighter, and I will work hard to make the Union better for us all. But I also am a peacemaker. I do not hold grudges, and I do not take things personally. Those who know me well can tell you one thing: that no matter what, I will always be fair. These are the values that I am bringing to the table.

Nevertheless, I cannot be neutral in situations of injustice. Our profession has been wronged and mistreated long enough. We have also been discriminated against as a group long enough. I do not take no for an answer, and I always find ways to get what is needed. You can trust me to ensure that all of our needs and wants are taken care of.

I plan to continue my advocacy for safer work conditions and fair compensation. We deserve hazard pay, flexibility to telework based on our special needs, and hero pay. We also deserve steps, and this is my main priority along with a big fat raise. To achieve this, you need a good bargaining team, supportive board, active stewards, involved members, and a strong Region 1 Representative with good communication skills and a direct line with the media.

I hope you can join me in this fight so we can make history together, because making our profession better benefits us all.

In solidarity,

Begonya De Salvo for CFI Region 1 Representative

Roberto Villalta

Hello fellow CFI union members,

I have been nominated to run for the open position of Region 1 Representative. To get your support and your vote, I have put a few words together in the following statement.

I have been a Court Interpreter for the past eight years, I have met a few of you as I work at different courthouses and at a couple of seminars and maybe a few rallies and Union meetings. Three years ago I decided to take a more collaborative roll and started helping as a Union Steward and participated in a few interviews and other situations with favorable results, I have also been invited to participate in meet and confer sessions with management and strategy sessions to organize and facilitate communication with membership.

As Region 1 Representative, I will be coordinating work and scheduling meetings among the Union Stewards of the Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties. I will serve as a conduit between the Board and the Stewards and more importantly to you.

There is a lot of work to be done with the continued and apparently never ending pandemic, we must continue to confront issues arising out of new protocols which are impacting and threatening our work. As Region 1 representative I will do my best to be there for you, I will work hard to protect interpreters rights and work conditions.  

 Vote for me.

 Looking forward to serving,

 Roberto Villalta

R1 interpreter, candidate for Region 1 Board Representative