Dear NERU members,

Welcome to our Local! We are looking forward to working with you to achieve the best Collective Bargaining Agreement possible. Now that you are Union Members, you have rights and protections in the workplace. Your Union will protect those rights. It's imperative you know that you have a right to have a Union Representative present during any kind of meeting that may lead to discipline. This is called the Weingarten Right. In order to trigger your right to a representative, you have to assert it to your manager or supervisor. It's not automatic. I am attaching an image of a Weingarten Card for you to print and keep handy. As you know, we are preparing to start the bargaining process, so more info to come!  You are receiving this e-mail through our Local's official email address. If you respond to it, I will get any request or comment you send back. Our office manager is Monserrat Sanchez. As most of you know, our Local's President is Michael Ferreira, and our VP is Janet Hudec.  If you have any questions, you can also e mail me directly at: [email protected]. This is the link to our webpage:

I am also providing you with a link to the National Labor Relations Board so you can read about what our Weingarten Right is. Please see the link pasted below.

In Unity,

Carmen Ramos

Secretary-Treasurer, CFI Local 39000 CWA TNG