Increase the Contract Court Interpreter Per Diem

CFI is encouraging employees and contractors to sign a petition seeking a per diem increase for contract court interpreters.

Per diems paid to contract court interpreters have remain unchanged since 2007. Meanwhile the Courts continue to consistently rely upon contract court interpreters to provide the LEP court users access to justice.

Contract court interpreter earn $282.23 for a full day of work and $156.56 for half day. Employee interpreters have seen their compensation increase through CFI-negotiated collective bargaining agreements. 

While contract interpreters understand their pay will differ from the total compensation of employees, the daily rates should recognize the skillful contribution both groups provide the court, explained Joel Rubert, a contractor in Orange County who authored the petition. 

CFI's executive board believes all interpreters _ contractors and employees _ deserve professional pay and is supporting this petition, as are other interpreter organizations.

Members can sign the petition and return to CFI via email at [email protected], in person during the annual CFI conference this weekend or by mail at the closest CFI office. We will collect them and forward them to the Judicial Council.

Employee Petition click here.

Independent Contractor click here.