Language Access

OC meeting focuses on reporting language access concerns

SANTA ANA _ More than 30 interpreters in Region 4 came together for a luncheon at Santa Ana's Criminal Justice Center this week to show their support for CFI's campaign to gather reports involving denial of language access to the public

CFI is collecting all the reports submitted for future submission to state legislators and the Judicial Council, which is working to implement a statewide Language Access Plan and the expansion of court interpreter services into civil matters.

Orange County Steward Frances Marino introduced CFI President Ariel Torrone and new Southern California Representative Alex Abella. Both gave a rundown of CFI's colorful history and the hard won victories that our union has been able to achieve with the support of its members.Alex Abella, Pam Santos, Ariel Torrone, Frances Marino

Steward Pam Santos then took the floor to urge members to report incidents involving denial of language access to the public. She went on to explain what some of those violations are and why it's important to stay vigilant. All 6 OC stewards were also present.

Among the problems reported so far are: courts allowing a relative to do the talking for the litigant, attorneys waiving the interpreter without the court user making an informed choice, not providing interpreters for parents in a juvenile matter, and proceeding without the interpreter. 

Please continue reporting these types of cases using the quick link on our website.