Notice of Referendum on Dissolution of CFI, Inc.

A membership vote will be held to decide whether CFI, Inc., the independent non-profit organization, should be dissolved.

The CFI, Inc. governing board supported the recent adoption of bylaws for CFI, Local 39000 that incorporated the professional division and independent contractor unit functions of CFI, Inc. into CFI Local 39000.

Following passage of those new bylaws, the CFI Inc. governing board voted to recommend dissolution of CFI, Inc. and to hold a membership vote to accept or reject that recommendation.

CFI, Inc. was formed as a non-profit corporation before we affiliated with TNG-CWA, and maintained a parallel governance structure and board during our affiliation with Local 39521.

Our affiliation agreement with TNG-CWA provided the option for CFI to become a stand alone local. In 2014 we exercised that option and formed CFI Local 39000. As a stand alone local we now have full control over decisions about our activities and priorities, and over our resources. The functions of the two organizations and governance structures are redundant. We therefore recommend that members vote to dissolve CFI, Inc.

A ballot for this referendum vote will be included with the upcoming election for officers of Local 39000. The ballot will be mailed on November 23, 2015. Deadline for ballot return will be December 15, 2015

Any questions or comments on this issue may be addressed to [email protected].


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