CFI Local 39000 Officer Elections

The Elections Committee has received confirmation that the following members, in good standing, have accepted nominations:

 President:   Mike Ferreira, Ariel Torrone 

Vice President:   Lucy Flores, Eliza Chavez-Fraga

Secretary:   Gabrielle Veit-Bermudez, Camille Taiara

Treasurer:   Martha Paredes, Jeff Wilson

Regional Unit Representative 1:   Naoyuki Ikeuchi, Claudia Antelo

Regional Unit Representative 2:   Naomi Adelson

Regional Unit Representative 3:   Janet Hudec, Sharmen Gragirena Lewis

Regional Unit Representative 4:   Luis Araoz

Freelance Unit Representative:   Philip Isenberg, Joel Rubert, J.D.
Congratulations to the candidates. Additional information for the candidates will be forthcoming.
Your Elections Committee,
Mirtha Sanchez, Chair

Monica Sottolani
Blake Whitehead

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