Interpreter Pay

CFI advocates for competitive pay for Court Interpreters

SAN FRANCISCO (May 25, 2016) _ Although the Judicial Council’s Language Access Plan Implementation Task Force (LAP ITF) has been talking about ways to recruit more interpreters, it hasn’t addressed the problems of stagnant wages, absence of regular cost of living allowances and lack of salary steps for court interpreters.

On May 19, CFI submitted comments to the LAP ITF to this effect, in time for the Task Force’s public meeting the following day. CFI contends that this is the metaphorical “elephant in the room”: The California courts cannot hope to meet their growing language access needs and maintain acceptable standards of service without providing competitive compensation and a viable career path for court interpreters.


Language Access 

CFI Report: LA Court Practices hampering Language Access

LOS ANGELES (May 25, 2016) _ The Los Angeles Superior Court is saying it has successfully expanded language access to civil matters without substantially increasing the workforce, however, a CFI report is challenging this assertion.

The CFI report recently submitted to the LA Superior Court disputes the claim based on what members on the ground say about how the court's “efficiencies” have deteriorated working conditions, are reducing language access and diminishing professional standards.


Language Access

Santa Clara Court paying federal rate to Spanish language contractors

SAN JOSE (May 17, 2016) _ The Superior Court of Santa Clara, in the Bay Area’s Silicon Valley, has started paying the federal rate of $418 per day to Spanish language independent contractors. The move became official at the beginning of May after CFI lobbied the court for months to take this and other actions to address the severe and chronic shortage of interpreters available to cover the court's needs. 


President’s Update

CFI news on stewards training, meetings, bargaining and other Union business



CFI President named Unionist of the Year by Monterey Bay LC

MONTEREY (April 29, 2016) _ The Monterey Bay Labor Council has named CFI President Ariel Torrone Unionist of the Year. 

Torrone received the award in recognition of his leadership during the time CFI was becoming an autonomous local run by interpreters for interpreters. Among the achievements that led to Torrone receiving the honor: helping Local 39000 obtain a charter, setting up automated dues collection statewide, advocacy for language access and overseeing bargaining.

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