Memorial for Interpreter Dorita Kirchick

A celebration of Dorita's life scheduled this weekend at her home

Interpreters plan to gather at 9:30, Sunday, Aug. 16  at 24021 Welby Way in West Hills.

Dorita passed away recently after battling cancer.


Board Meeting Aug 13

8:00 pm online or by telephone

CFI Local 39000 Board Meeting scheduled for 8 p.m., Thursday, Aug 13, 2015. 


San Diego - Pension Offset Update

CFI meets with court about elimination of EPMC

SAN DIEGO _ CFI representatives met with San Diego court representatives recently about the elimination of the “employer paid member contribution” (EPMC) to your pension. The unilateral change was imposed by the court without notice to employees or the union, and without the opportunity to meet and confer.

At the end of the meeting yesterday, Court representatives agreed to roll back the elimination of the EPMC pending further negotiations with CFI. The EPMC will be restored and interpreters will be paid the EPMC that was missing from any pay periods before the change is reversed. The court still proposes to eliminate the EPMC, however, due to expectations related to the pension reform act.

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