Our Staff, Officers and Stewards

Office and Staff

555 East Ocean Blvd Suite 460
Long Beach, CA 90802
[email protected]

Administrative Assistant/ Membership Services: Montserrat Sanchez, [email protected]

Membership Services: Gabriella Holguin, [email protected]


List of Stewards by County. Please contact a representative if there is no steward in your county.

Local 39000 Board

President - Michael Ferreira 
Vice President - Janet Hudec
Secretary-Treasurer - Carmen Ramos
Region 1 Board Representative - Begonya De Salvo
Region 2 Board Representative - Rosario del Pilar Espinosa
Region 3 Board Representative - Tyler Nguyen
Region 4 Board Representative - Silvia San Martin
Freelance Unit Chair - Johanna Valle


Election Committee - Nominations Open

Budget Committee
Carmen Ramos, Chair

Advisory Committee
Janet Hudec, Legislative Policy Director
Anna Behnken, Professional Development Director
Hernan Vargas, Professional Development Director