Tyler Nguyen
Region 3 Executive Board

Hello colleagues,
My name is Tyler Nguyen, staff Vietnamese interpreter for Sacramento county and region 3 bargaining committee member. My experience with the negotiation in region 3 has brought about a great deal of knowledge as well as frustration. I get to see firsthand the many obstacles that have kept us from getting a fair and equitable compensation and the recognition as a class of professional employees. I also know that real changes can only be made from the top. Out of the tumultuous year for our union in 2017 presents a unique opportunity. That’s the reason why I’m running for the position of Region 3 Representative.
Region 3 is the biggest region geographically, but historically speaking, it has been under the radar. With the imposition we received from the Region from the last round of bargaining and the looming implementation of VRI in Sacramento and Merced (and non-union Ventura), our members are worried, angry and ready to roll up their sleeves.
We must, together, push for an amendment in the Interpreter Act. Then, and only then, can we grow to a new height, to get the same recognition as professionals that our Federal colleagues enjoy, and the fair and equitable compensation that we deserve.
In addition to your vote for me, I'd ask that you also cast your vote for my fellow candidates on the Moving Forward Together slate. They are Pedro Ramirez-Navas, Daniel Kaufman, Lourdes Tovar, Carmen Ramos, Anne McGinn, Maria Cruz and Marianne Franco. We're working together to usher in a new era of CFI leadership and advancement for our profession. Vote for a brighter future now!"