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Judicial Council Seeks Candidates

Interpreter Vacancies on LAP Task Force and CIAP

The JC is accepting nominations for a contractor to join the LAP Implementation Task Force and a contractor (not Spanish) for the Court Interpreters Advisory Panel. The deadline is Dec 30.



Interpreters Urge Judicial Council to Support Fairness and Equity 

SACRAMENTO (Dec. 16, 2016) _ Interpreters currently bargaining in Northern California and the Central Valley called upon the Judicial Council on Friday to support language access with action and not just talk.

A half dozen interpreters urged the policymaking body to press for equity in compensation and treatment for court interpreters in order to remedy the huge disparities interpreters face. Region 3 courts have only granted interpreters about 10% in total wage increases since becoming employees over a decade ago. Over that same period, other court employees in the region’s three largest courts - Sacramento, Kern, and Fresno - received an average of 30% in increases.  

“We are not asking for a handout. We’re asking for fairness and equity in compensation,” said Spanish interpreter Mauri Fitzgibbon. 



Region 2 Interpreters Mobilize for Pay Parity

Interpreters throughout Region 2 mobilized on Monday and Tuesday as part of an abridged work action.

They handed out flyers outside their courthouses before work and during lunch to inform fellow court employees and justice partners about the disparity in treatment and pay for interpreters. 

Interpreters in Region 2 don’t get steps or an offset for higher pension contributions, have gotten less than half the wage increases given to other court personnel and are doing more work with chronic understaffing.

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R3 Bargaining Bulletin #7

Negotiating Team Pressing on Increased Pay and Work Priority

SAN JOAQUIN (Dec. 12, 2016) _ Region 3 Courts inched their wage proposal up to 8% over three years while continuing a proposal that would erode assignment and cross assignment priority during the latest bargaining session. The Region’s negotiator mentioned there’s authority to increase compensation further _ without indicating how much.  

The Region’s comments responding to the Union’s wage presentation showed a lack of understanding about the marketplace for our services. The Region refutes the Union’s assertion that addressing serious pay disparities is necessary to secure the interpreter services they need. According to the Region’s spokesperson, Courts also don’t consider the federal per diem or private sector rates as part of the tight labor market they operate in.


Region 2 Bargaining Update #8

CFI mobilizing for pay parity

SAN FRANCISCO (Dec. 11, 2016) _ Discussions on several issues at the bargaining table this Friday continued to show progress toward an agreement. But on the economic issues _wages and the pension offset _ there’s been no movement by the Region. 

It is not unusual for bargaining to focus on and resolve non-economic issues first, however, it is highly unusual for an employer to impose a change that impacts employees when the parties are still engaged in bargaining as San Mateo did in October and Santa Clara did this month. 

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